• Elective Course Descriptions


    While some students work CCU electives into their schedules, others find SA courses that suit their interests. 


    Humanities (Advanced Grammar and Composition) is an elective English course offered to tenth and eleventh graders who opt to delay taking one of the required Advanced Placement English courses until the next year.  While Humanities does not count as one of the four English courses required for high school graduation,  it allows its students to fulfill the Scholars Academy requirement that all students take English every year.  This course is taken yearlong, earns one credit, and meets two days a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays). The course stresses critical reading, writing, research, speaking, and listening skills. Humanities students are required to complete assigned practice of SAT/PSAT and ACT /WorkKeys skills.

    Physical Education

    Physical Education I is designed to promote proficiency in some team/individual sports and personal fitness.  Students will learn the  basic components of physical fitness and be able to implement  those in personalized fitness programs, demonstrate sport skills and achieve gender and age group fitness standards. This course also includes the State required health unit. 

    Physics, Honors

    Honors physics is an inquiry-based course providing a college-level general physics content. Students will examine the classical, Newtonian physics by hands-on labs, research, and class demonstrations. Topics will include, but not limited to, mechanics, energy, electromagnetics, optics, and waves. Mathematical models will be commonly utilized in each topic. Students will be expected to conduct labs safely, collect data, analyze data, draw conclusions, communicate and support their results. Introduction of relativistic physics and quantum mechanics may also be included.

    Yearbook Journalism  

    This course focuses on all aspects of creating a high school yearbook, from developing a theme, creating a budget, selling advertisements, designing cover and layouts, writing copy, and taking pictures.