• What are Extracurricular Activities/Clubs at HCS Scholars Academy?

    SA Extracurricular Activities/Clubs may include sports, student government, arts, hobbies, and educational/academic clubs.  Extracurricular Activities/Clubs are programs that:

    • are not part of the regular school curriculum; and 

    • are structured around an activity, goal, or purpose

    SA Extracurricular Activities/Clubs are an important factor for college admissions.  Many colleges and universities weigh participation in extracurricular activities/clubs because activities outside the classroom bolster the development of the “whole student.” But extracurricular activities/clubs are beneficial for ALL students, regardless of their post-high school plans.

    Benefits of Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

    Participating in high school extracurricular activities/clubs is a great way to widen your social circle, expand your interests, and build leadership skills. Studies show that involvement in high school extracurricular activities and/or clubs can lead to positive long-term outcomes.