• Overall Green Step School of the Year 2016

    Green Steps

    Green Steps School
    Burgess Elementary is proud to be the first Green Steps School in Horry County. Our students were great stewards of our Earth this year. They gardened organically and composted materials to create fertilizer for our gardens. Our recycling committee collected bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, and paper towels weekly. Markers and plastic bags were collected to save our dumps from materials that don't break down. Students were challenged in science classes to create projects out of recycled materials to make periscopes and instruments. During a couple of events, students were challenged to make creatures and faces out of recycled materials. We even made sure our car rider lines had non-idling cars so we can protect our air quality. 

    We are also a Nationally Certified Wildlife Habitat! Click here to learn more!                                 

    Click here to learn how you can become a Green Steps School.