• South Carolina Immunization Requirements CDC

    Immunizations are an important part of our children’s health care, and South Carolina state law requires that children going to school be vaccinated to prevent vaccine-preventable disease unless they are exempt. All students are required by South Carolina law to provide documentation that includes month, day, and year the vaccine was administered. Doses documented on the immunization certificate must be VALID doses according to accepted practice standards for the minimum age(s) and intervals. If the child is exempt, the parent must provide valid proof of exemption.

    Please send proof of immunization to the school nurse where your child will be attending school.  Proof of immunization must be any 1 of the 3 items listed below:

    • An immunization certificate signed by your health care provider.
    • Immunization registry report from your health care provider or health department.
    • A blood test (titer) lab report that proves your child is immune to the diseases.

    **For varicella (chickenpox), documentation from your health care provider which says your child had the disease is also acceptable.

    Your help in providing updated immunization records at school registration and any time that your child receives additional vaccine(s) is greatly appreciated. If you have questions or concerns about immunizations, please contact the school nurse. 

    See current immunization requirements for PreK - Grade 12 by clicking here  

    Information about required immunizations is available online at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control at www.scdhec.gov

    To schedule an appointment for immunizations, contact your primary care provider or call 855.472.3432 to schedule an appointment at either of these SCDHEC clinics:

    • Conway Public Health Clinic
      1931 Industrial Park Rd., Conway, SC

    • Myrtle Beach Public Health Clinic
      700 21st Ave. N., Myrtle Beach, SC