• Medication Policy & Forms


    Horry County Schools will adhere to the following: 

    The parent or guardian of the student must request in writing that the student be given medication. The following consent forms: Permission for School Administration of Non-Prescription Medication and Permission for School Administration of Prescription Medication will be provided by the school. The parent and child's health care practitioner request and consent must contain the following information: The medication should be brought to school by the parent, guardian, or a responsible adult. The medication will be brought to school in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy, health care provider, or in the original container.

    • name of medication
    • dose to be given
    • time to be given
    • number of days to be administered
    • any special instructions

    All medication will be stored in a locked cabinet in the health room. Self-managed medications will be evaluated on an individual basis by the school nurse. A written physician's order is required, as well as written parental consent.

    The school nurse is responsible for ensuring that:

    • the administration of medication is properly documented
    • that therapeutic benefits and side effects are monitored
    • that appropriate information is communicated to parents, health care provider, and school staff

    Medications will be prepared and sent on field trips, when possible, and when advance notice is given to the school nurse. The teacher will be responsible for transportation, securing, administration and documentation of medication on field trips.