• New-Hire Information

    Welcome to Horry County Schools. 

    Please review the entire page carefully and complete all required forms and steps prior to your start date. Use the checklist at the end to confirm you have reviewed and completed all required Payroll & Benefits new hire paperwork.

    1. Payroll

    Payroll is processed on a semi-monthly basis. All employees are paid twice a month based on the published schedule. View calculation examples here. If you are a substitute or temporary employee, your time entries will be processed by the bookkeeper responsible for the location or work you perform.

    Direct deposit is strongly encouraged and can be activated by submitting an authorization form.  Your portal account will not be active until your hire date. Your initial login information has been sent to your HCS email address. If you do not have an HCS email address it has been sent to the email you provided on your application.  Direct deposit processing may take up to two pay periods to become active.  During this time your paychecks will be mailed to the address on file in Human Resources. If you have recently moved, make sure HR has your correct address. 

    Paychecks will be mailed to your home address until you submit your direct deposit request.  If you choose not to enroll in direct deposit please review HCS lost check replacement procedure.

    Payroll taxes are withheld based on current IRS guidelines.

    *REQUIRED FOR CHANGE: Your federal withholding taxes will be calculated at the default Federal rate until you submit a new IRS W-4. Blank Federal and SCW4 forms have been included in your new-hire forms packet.


    2. Benefits

    New employees hired into an insurance eligible position must refuse or elect benefits within 30 days of their hire date. HCS uses Ward Services to administer your benefit enrollments. It is your responsibility to schedule a time to go over your benefits with a Ward Services Representative. 

    1. Schedule a time to meet with a Ward Services Representative and review your options here.
    2. Additional information can be found in the 2023 Insurance Summary.
    3. Complete Unum Beneficiary form and Sick Leave Bank form

    If you are transferring from another SC school district or State agency, your benefit options may be limited.  You still need to meet with a representative from Ward Services, but let them know you are a PEBA transfer.

    Sick and Personal Leave information.  If you are transferring from another PEBA covered employer, contact your account manager to see if your unused sick leave will transfer to HCS.

    3. Retirement 

    ALL newly hired employees must make a retirement election with the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) within 30 days of their hire date. Most employees must choose either option one or option two. Substitutes, temporary employees and bus drivers have the option to refuse membership (option three). 

    1. Elect to join the traditional defined benefit plan
    2. Elect to join the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)
    3. Elect not to join PEBA - non-membership (Subs, temps and bus drivers only)

    Retirement information and videos can be found on PEBA's website.

    You will receive an enrollment email from PEBA. Follow the instruction to make your retirement election. Emails are sent to the address on file with Human Resources.  If you do not make an election within 30 days of your hire date, you will be automatically enrolled in option 1. Check your spam folder and contact us if you do not receive the email by your hire date.

    Please review the information on our Retirement page for additional information.

    ** Please note it is your responsibility to submit the appropriate beneficiary information to PEBA.




    Submitting required forms:  Please do not send your forms back using regular, unencrypted email.

    • mail to: HCS Payroll, PO Box 260005, Conway SC 29528
    • contact your account manager and have them start an encrypted email conversation you can use to attach your forms and send to us
    • fax to: 843-488-6726