• Payroll

    Payroll is processed on a semi-monthly basis. All employees are paid based on the published schedule.

    Direct deposit is strongly encouraged and can be activated by submitting a direct deposit request through the employee portal.

    Taxes withheld from pay are based on the IRS guidelines. Please use the employee portal to submit W-4 changes. Taxes will be calculated as if you are single with zero allowances until a W-4 is submitted.

     A New Portal is Coming!  We are in the process of sending email instructions to employees by last name.  If you have received the email and setup your account, you can use the new portal to view your pay notices.  

    Horry County Schools
    Payroll Department
    PO Box 260005
    Conway, SC 29528-6005

    PH:  843-488-6840
    Fax: 843-488-6726