• Payroll

    Payroll is processed on a semi-monthly basis. All employees are paid based on the published schedule.

    Taxes withheld from pay are based on the IRS guidelines. Please use the links to our W-4 page to get the new IRS and SC State forms. Taxes will be calculated as if you are single with zero allowances until a W-4 is submitted.

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    Mailing:                                       Physical Location:       
    HCS Payroll                                 335 Four Mile Road  
    PO Box 260005                           Conway, SC 29526  
    Conway, SC 29528-6005

    Main Phone:  843-488-6840       Fax: 843-488-6726   TCP

Employee Last Name Payroll/Benefits Contact Phone Email
A B C Christina Linnette 843-488-6839 CLinnette@horrycountyschools.net
D E F G Mike Rose 843-488-6874 MRose@horrycountyschools.net
H I J K L Joetta Harrell 843-488-6863 JHarrell001@horrycountyschools.net
M N O P Q Kassi Cumbie 843-488-6882 KCumbie@horrycountyschools.net
R Mike Rose 843-488-6874 MRose@horrycountyschools.net
S T U V W X Y Z Sheila Prince 843-488-6944 SPrince@horrycountyschools.net

Employee Last Name Retirement Contact Phone Email
A - C or S - Z Annette Causey 843-488-6782 ACausey@@horrycountyschools.net
D - R Kimberly Clark 843-488-6851