Talkin' Trash

Talkin' Trash
  • Fourth graders have been "Talkin' Trash" for eleven years in Horry County. This countywide contest encourages fourth-grade students to recycle at school and in their community.

    How the Contest Works:
    Each month a different recyclable is collected by the students at school. The school that recycles the most items that month wins. The contest is open to any public school in Horry County with fourth-grade classes. Each participating school receives a special container (an 8-yard dumpster) to collect their recyclables. Each school is judged based on the number of pounds collected per fourth-grade student per month. There are three categories of schools based on the number of fourth-grade students at each of the schools. Kingston Elementary has won many awards through the years participating in this program. 2018-2019 Kingston was the Overall Recycling Winner. Contact Coach T for more information. 



     Horry County Solid Waste Authority Talkin' Trash Information


    "Since my child has started recycling for this program, our entire family has started and NOWwe hate NOT to recycle so we recycle all the time."-Brooke Elvis, KES parent