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    Date Questions
    Day 1 Name the superintendent of Horry County Schools.
    Day 2 What is the South Carolina State bird?
    Day 3 What is the State fruit and beverage of South Carolina?
    Day 4 Frogs cannot swallow if this is happening
    Day 5 What is the highest point in South Carolina?
    Day 6 Name the governor of South Carolina?
    Day 7 What is the Largest city in South Carolina?
    Day 8 What is the State Capitol of South Carolina?
    Day 9 When is Labor Day Holiday
    Day 10 What is South Carolina's largest waterfall?
    Day 11 What is South Carolina's largest island?
    Day 12 What is South Carolina's largest lake?
    Day 13 What is South Carolina's largest river?
    Day 14 What is South Carolina's longest river?
    Day 15 Who was South Carolina's first governor?
    Day 16 How many Americans are dieting at any given time.
    Day 17 What is South Carolina's state tree?
    Day 18 What percent of a jellyfish is water?
    Day 19 What is South Carolina's state butterfly?
    Day 20 What object is most often choked on my Americans?
    Day 30 What is South Carolina's state fish?
    Day 31 How fast does a sneeze travel out of your mouth?
    Day 32 What is South Carolina's state insect?
    Day 33 What animal sleeps with one eye open?
    Day 34 What is South Carolina's state gem?
    Day 35 What is the longest recorded case of hiccups?
    Day 36 What is South Carolina's state stone?
    Day 37 What is the only fruit whose seeds grow on the outside.
    Day 38
    Where was the first sailing boats built.
    Day 39
    How much liquid does a ten gallon hat hold.
    Day 40 How many state senators are there in South Carolina?
    Day 41 How many times a day does the average person laugh?
    Day 42 What is the most used letter in the English alphabet?
    Day 43 How many countries are in the world?
    Day 44 What is the capital of Wyoming?
    Day 45 How many times does a human heart beat a day?
    Day 46 What were the first ballpoint pens sold for 1945.
    Day 47 In the year 1963, what was the name of the diet drink hyped by Coca-Cola
    for having only one calorie?
    Day 48 What is the biggest Continent in the world?
    Day 49 What is the capital of Maine?
    Day 50 What is the oldest college in South Carolina?
    Day 51 What was the first lighthouse to use electricity / when?
    Day 52 What is South Carolina's state animal?
    Day 53 What is the largest monkey in the world?
    Day 54 How many steps does the Capitol building in Washington DC have?
    Day 55 What whale is at the top of the food chain?
    Day 56 How many of the fifty states are named after and actual person.
    Day 57 How many homes in America are powered solely on solar energy?
    Day 58 How many types of sharks are in the world?
    Day 59 How many taste buds does a catfish have?
    Day 60 What is the coldest continent in the world?
    Day 61 What Ocean is in New Zealand?
    Day 62 Why do we have turkey for Thanksgiving?
    Day 63 What animal can last longer without water than a camel?
    Day 64 How composed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and how old were they?
    Day 65 How many compartments are in a cow's stomach?
    Day 66 How many glasses of milk does a cow give in a lifetime?
    Day 67 Who invented the Mountain Dew?
    Day 68 Odontophobia is the fear of what?
    Day 69 Name the two states that have a town named Sandwich
    Day 70 How long do cats sleep a day?
    Day 71 Cows give more milk when they are doing this?
    Day 72 Do Animals that lay eggs have belly buttons?
    Day 73 Which bounces higher—a Ball of Glass or a Ball of rubber?
    Day 74 Which direction can shrimp only swim in?
    Day 75 Which one contain more vitamin C, strawberries or oranges?
    Day 76 How much do Americans spend on golf balls each year?
    Day 77 How wide is the Statue of Liberty mouth?
    Day 78 How far can a jackrabbit travel in one hop?
    Day 79 How many muscles do Caterpillars have?
    Day 80 When was the statue of liberty made?
    Day 81 How many major oceans are in the world?
    Day 82 Does sound travel faster in air or water?
    Day 83 Who invented google?
    Day 84 What was the first typewriter called
    Day 85 How heavy is the puck used in Underwater hockey?
    Day 86 What Colors make you hungry?
    Day 87 How many time zones are in China ?
    Day 88 What was the first coin to have a president on it?
    Day 89 Who was the first baseball player to be named rookie of the year?
    Day 90 When was Coca-Cola invented?
    Day 91 At what temperature does water become air?
    Day 92 What country in the world has the most coastline?
    Day 93 What is South Carolina's nickname?
    Day 94 How long did it take da Vinci to paint lips on the Mona Lisa
    Day 95 How many baby sharks can a Lemon shark give birth to at a time.
    Day 96 Of the 50 states, name the one that does not have a rectangular state flag.
    Day 97 How many Christmas cards will the average household send and receive?
    Day 98 What country in the world has the most Donut Shops
    Day 99 What weighs more hot or cold water
    Day 100 What is South Carolina's state game bird?
    Day 101 What food does not spoil?
    Day 102 When you get a song “stuck in you head” what it called
    Day 103 How old is the empire state building?
    Day 104 How many sides does a stop sign have?
    Day 105 What do the stars on the American flag mean?
    Day 106 How many stripes are on the American flag? And what do they represent?
    Day 107 What is the constitution?
    Day 108 How long do we elect senators for?
    Day 109 What animal has no brain?
    Day 110 25% of the bones in your body are in what body part?
    Day 111 How many peanut butter sandwiches can you make out of a acre of planted
    Day 112 What is the most common name for pet goldfish?
    Day 113 What is the most common last name?
    Day 114 Name the two Presidents that were Impeached
    Day 115 How many gallons of water does a Dairy cow consume a day.
    Day 116 How long is a Goldfish’s attention span?
    Day 117 How long can a beaver hold its breath?
    Day 118 How many noses does a slug have?
    Day 119 What animal has three eye lids?
    Day 120 At what rates can a honey bee fly?
    Day 121 On average, how many eggs does a queen bee lay per day?
    Day 122 How many eyes does a bee have?
    Day 123 What is the average speed of a house fly?
    Day 124 Why are Flamingos pink?
    Day 125 About how many vocal cords does a cat have?
    Day 126 What percent of jelly fish is water?
    Day 127 In what season do children tend to grow the fastest?
    Day 128 What state has the highest percentage of people who walk to work?
    Day 129 How many light houses does the state of Maine possess?
    Day 130 How many letters does the Hawaiian alphabet have?
    Day 131 What is the average amount of time that a human will spend kissing in his
    Day 132 What is a vegetable that is also known as a flower?
    Day 133 How many hours does an elephant sleep in a day?
    Day 134 How many calories does a one minute kiss burn?
    Day 135 What animal has an organ above their eyes that converts seawater to
    Day 136 How many teeth does a mosquito have?
    Day 137 How many inches are there in one mile?
    Day 138 What does a snail breath from?
    Day 139 What percent of people in this world are left handed?
    Day 140 The average woman consumes how many pounds of lipstick in her life?
    Day 141 What does the human brain weigh out as?
    Day 142 About how many times does a person blink a year?
    Day 143 How fast does a sneeze travel out of your nose?
    Day 144 What was the first show ever to show its reruns?
    Day 145 How many math equations does a one day weather forecast require?
    Day 146 How many different animal shapes are in the animal cracker zoo?
    Day 147 What state in the U.S. only has one syllable?
    Day 148 How many gallons of water does the average person personally use in a day
    Day 149 On average, how many other people in this world have the same birthday
    as you?
    Day 150 How many grooves are there on the edge of a quarter?
    Day 151 What was the nickname of President Hayes’ wife?
    Day 152 How many steps does the average person walk per day?
    Day 153 How many miles per hour does a rain drop fall?
    Day 154 Is it possible for a fish to drown?
    Day 155 How high can a kangaroo jump?
    Day 156 How would a lizard communicate with another lizard?
    Day 157 How fast can a turkey run?
    Day 158 What was the fastest record speed of a race horse?
    Day 159 What is the most common dog name that begins with an ‘S’?
    Day 160 What kind of bird is the only bird that can fly backwards?
    Day 161 How many times does the heart of a Humming Bird beat per minute?
    Day 162 What was the first food eaten in outer space?
    Day 163 In Los Angeles, how many more automobiles are there than people?
    Day 164 What is the only letter in the alphabet that is not in any of the states’
    Day 165 Where is the only place where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and
    set on the Atlantic?
    Day 166 How tall was the tallest man?
    Day 167 Who was the only president to be blind in one of his eyes?
    Day 168 What was the first filmed sport in 1894?
    Day 169 How many feet has Mt. Everest grown in the last 100 years?
    Day 170 What was the speed limit in NYC in 1895?
    Day 171 Where were the first miniature golf courses put?
    Day 172 Where is the only cactus plantation in the world located?
    Day 173 How many times does an eye make a movement in one second?
    Day 174 What is the most spoken language in the world?
    Day 175 Where is the world’s biggest pyramid?
    Day 176 What was the first bike named?
    Day 177 What was the original recipe for chocolate instead of sugar?
    Day 178 How much money do Americans spend on golf balls a year?
    Day 179 What is another name for a male kangaroo?
    Day 180 What is another name for a female kangaroo?
    Extra How many letters look the same down as right side up?
    Each year the average American eats how many pounds of apples?
    What is the only New England state without a seacoast?
    Who was the only President to be defeated by his Vice President?
    Where and when the first escalator was built?
    What is the official animal of Canada?
    What is the most common name in nursery rhymes?
    What is the raised bump reflectors on the U.S roads named?
    How long is the Statue of Liberty’s nose
    What color are beavers teeth?
    About how much water dose the sun evaporate a day?
    What is the tallest bird on earth and how tall is it?
    A pelican hold more food in its beak or its belly?
    Which state is home to the first tea farm?
    Which U.S president was the last not to have a college degree?
    Name the tallest and shortest US President? What was their height?
    Which president had a pet bear while in office?
    What was President William McKinley pet Parrot name?



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