• Classroom Management Plan



    Horry County Schools endorses learning experiences, which include emphasis on life skills and workplace competencies. Recognizing my responsibility to meet all local standards, as well as state and national standards, I present the following expectations in my attempt to make learning as relevant and meaningful as possible. By encouraging students to follow these procedures and expectations, I will be enhancing their development of the skills and habits that are vital to a productive worker and citizen.

    1.       Goals of Successful Student Management. The underlying goals of my Classroom Management Plan are that the following will take place:

    –      Students will support instruction by valuing & protecting opportunities to learn.
    –      Teacher and students will establish a climate of mutual respect and cooperation.
    –      Teacher will establish clearly defined limits of behavior and students will respect those limits.
    –      Teacher will provide opportunities for students to learn to behave responsibly.

    2.       Classroom Rules. Listed below are classroom rules that I expect students to follow at ALL times.

    Ø       I will respect you just as you will respect me. We all deserve to be treated with consideration and courtesy.
    Ø       We have the right to disagree with one another, but we will do so in a pleasant, cordial manner.
    Ø       Students should enter the classroom quietly, take your seat, and begin working on your warm-up exercise. If one is not available, you may talk quietly with your neighbor until the teacher begins.
    Ø       Students should not talk or interrupt while the teacher is talking.
    Ø       Students should clean their work area and stay in their seat until the bell rings.

    3.       When Absent from School/Class. As a responsible student, it is expected of you to take care of all missed assignments, tests, or note taking during any absence from class. Any absence from class includes field trips, excused or unexcused absences, or any time the student is out of the class for any reason. It is the responsibility of the student, not the teacher, to take care of missed work. As a school, our expectations are that students will attend school regularly, get to class on time, conduct themselves in a way that does not infringe on the rights of others, and accept their responsibility as good school citizens. 

     4. Rules for Leaving the Classroom. It is understood that students may need to leave the class on occasion. Other than necessary restroom breaks or visits to the nurse, other requests will not be allowed during class time. Students are asked to take care of other matters (phone calls, lunch or library dues, etc.) between classes, during lunch, or before / after school.

    v      Students must carry a hall pass at all times.
    v      Never interrupt a lesson to ask permission to leave. The student should practice patience and wait until a break in lecture or lesson has taken place.
    v      One student will leave the classroom at a time.
    v      Take care of your bathroom needs before you arrive to class or, if you think you will be late to class, ask as soon as you see me in the hall.

    5.       Consequences of Breaking Classroom Rules. If any rules or expectations are not respected, the following consequences can be expected:
    ·         First action:  Student will be given a verbal warning. Note that use of profanity and any action that creates a class disturbance will result in an immediate Behavior Referral.
    ·         Next action: Student will be asked to stay after class to discuss the situation. Depending on the severity, a parent or guardian will be contacted immediately regarding the problem. If the behavior continues to be disruptive, a parent will be notified of the situation.
    ·         Final action:  Students will be referred to administration for further action. 

    6.       Severe Disruptions.  In the event of a severe disruption, the above rules will be bypassed and the student will be referred to administration. A severe disruption is defined as overt refusal to follow the teacher’s instructions, fighting, vandalism, and explicit threat to the safety of a teacher, student, themselves, or any behavior that stops the class from functioning. See the SJH Student Handbook for further disciplinary actions.

    7.       Rewards for Good Behavior. I believe there should be rewards for positive behavior, good leadership skills, perfect attendance, and academic achievement. Every student is  expected to act in a responsible manner, and to do their very best. Rewards will consist of verbal praises, positive feedback on report cards, certificates during awards programs, and more!