• Computer Lab Rules



    Mr. Kevin B. Randall, Instructor  
    159 Sharks Way

    Show RESPECT to the teacher and your fellow students
    Maintain an office like environment
    Be Safe
    Be on time to class
    Attend class everyday
    Participate is class activities
    Stay on task
    Complete daily assignments in timely manner
    Work well with others
    NO food, drink, or gum allowed in computer lab
    Stay in you assigned seat until class dismissal bell
    Keep workstation and printer area clean
    Abide by the Network Acceptable Use Policy
    No Changing of Computer Desktop Settings
    No Accessing Unapproved or "Blocked" Web Sites
    No Resizing of Computer Monitor Display
    No CD’s or Music allowed
    No rolling across floor with chairs
    No INTERNET access is allowed without teacher permission
    No using or sharing student passwords or network directories
    Place ALL book bags in designated area
    Text books are NOT allowed out of the classroom
    NO INTERNET printing allowed without teacher permission
    Keep hands and feet away from computer wires
    No talking above a whisper
    MUST stay in assigned software program  - You computer is monitored and could be turned off
    No Personal Email or Internet Chat
    ALL CHAIRS PUSHED UNDER THE TABLES & Work Station Clean before you leave the lab

    If You Break Any of These Rules

    1st Verbal Reminder

    2nd Conference with Student

    3rd Teacher Detention

    4th Teacher Detention &
    Parent Contact/Conference

    5th Referral to Administration

    Computer Violations

    1st Warning To Student and document violation to administration.

    2nd Automatic Referral To Administration

    3rd Possible Loss of Computer Privileges & OSS

    Cheating, Sharing files, Copy and Paste, etc. etc

    1st Zero on assignment Warning to student--Administration notified

    2nd Zero on assignment and Referral to administration

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    Student Signature: