• Saint James High School

    School Improvement Council Minutes

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017



    • Michelle Collins/SIC Vice-President
    • Jean Young/SIC President
    • Debbie Leonard/SIC Secretary
    • Sheila Mitchell-Parent
    • Mark Mitchell-Advisory/Parent
    • Vann Pennell-Principal of Saint James High School
    • Beth Cox-Teacher
    • Elisha Revis-Teacher
    • Amber Zajac-Student Body President
    • Otez Myers – Senior Class President
    • Janice Morreale-School Board Member
    • Rhett Sanders – Parent
    • Laura Burdick – Teacher
    • Caroline Ross – Admin
    • Lori Murphy – Parent
    • Lindsay Mayer – Admin
    • Angie McCune – Admin
    • Theresa Cacace – Parent
    • Kelly Brink – Parent
    • Helene Gerrald - Parent

    Welcome and Introductions by Mrs. Jean Young:

    • Young asked the officers of SIC introduce themselves
    • Announced School Resource Office couldn’t make it to this meeting, but will attend the next meeting.

    Chick-fil-A Leadership – Ms. Revis:

    • Revis introduced Amber Zajac as Student Body President and Otez Myers as Senior Class President.
    • The 9th grade Student Council elections for President and Vice President will be held soon.
    • Chick-fil-A Leadership inducted 25 new members. Those members have been introduced to the core Chick-fil-A staff.
    • Chick-fil-A leadership now has a total of 50 students participating.
    • Revis discussed this year’s projects and goals of Chick-fil-A leadership.
    • This is the second year for Chick-fil-A leadership program. The first year, all members were based on teacher recommendations.  This year, students completed an application and all were accepted.  Applications are accepted in April.

    Hurricane Relief Effort – Mrs. Beth Cox:

    • Cox announced the Taking Care of Texas campaign. The students have been bringing in coins and have collected over $1,200.  Mrs. Cox has bought supplies and the Coast Guard will deliver the supplies to Hurricane victims in Texas. 
    • They have also collected 70 boxes of supplies to be distributed to victims of Hurricane Harvey.
    • Cox discussed possibly adopting a high school in Texas that lost everything in the hurricane including sports and band equipment and uniforms. The students are going to school 40 miles from their home school which was damaged in the hurricane.

    Guidance Report – Mrs. Caroline Ross:

    • Ross announced there are 424 students in the Freshman class.
    • James High School is now a “Red Zone” school which means we can decline students from a different zone.
    • Ross talked of the great start to the year.
    • Ross discussed the steps to class selection as follows:
      • IGP meetings with the student and the parent
      • Teachers make recommendations
      • Students allowed another chance to make changes
      • Can’t’ allow drops in five days because teachers are in place based on initial class requests
    • 10th graders have the option of taking the PSAT; 11TH graders in Honors English or Pace classes must take the PSAT unless they opt out.
    • 11th graders will be able to choose to take the ACT or SAT. Dates aren’t available yet.
    • Currently the plan is not to have skinny classes next year
    • Alex Tew is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist

    Principal’s Report – Mr. Vann Pennell

    • Encouraged everyone to bring someone with them to the next meeting.
    • Pennell complimented Ms. Revis on the Chick-fil-A leadership program and announced the program won a national award last year.
    • Pennell complimented Ms. Cox on her efforts with community service projects. He stated how Ms. Cox is always willing to help and she is teaching kids to give back to the community.
    • Pennell announced there are 1711 students at SJHS. There are 100 more students this year.  There are 13 new teachers and 2 new Assistant Principals.
    • Freshman have settled in quickly and orientation went well.
    • SJHS has been recognized by US News & Report as top 10%.
    • Overall ACT scores are up but math scores have dipped.
    • Receiving 6 portables in November. Currently 8 teachers are floating without a class room.
    • Beth Cox raised $1,800 for coach’s family with sick child.
    • Facebook page has been created to keep parents informed of bus issues.
    • Janice Morreale discussed the bus problems and the driver shortage.
    • Announced plans to work on a new weight room near the field house.
    • Discussed if students have more than 5 tardies, they will lose their parking space.
    • New security officer, Officer Conklin, is doing a great job. He walks the halls and knows the students by name.


    • Amber Zajac thanked everyone for helping with Freshman Orientation.


    Ms. Young adjourned the meeting.