• Saint James High School

    School Improvement Council Minutes

    Wednesday, November 2, 2016



    • Rhonda Blackmon-Parent/SIC Vice-President
    • Jennifer Bayliff-Parent
    • Allison Hughes-Parent
    • Tammy Herring-Parent
    • Jennifer Steinmetz-Parent
    • Sheila Mitchell-Parent
    • Mark Mitchell-Advisory
    • Vann Penell-Principal of Saint James High School
    • Beth Cox-Teacher
    • Elisha Revis-Teacher
    • Karla Securro-Student Body President
    • Matthew Fox-Teacher
    • Karla Lopez-Teacher
    • Janice Morreale-School Board Member
    • Jasmyn Robinson-Senior Class President


    Welcome and Introductions:

    • Lopez-Spanish Teacher
    • Make-up Meeting for October is scheduled for Dec. 13th-Motion was approved by Jennifer Bayliff and seconded by Ms. Lopez


    Carolina Strong Drive:

    • Cox had students to ask what they can do with the $650.00 that they have raised. They asked if it should be put towards food, paper products, etc.
    • SIC is putting out an email and putting it on Facebook to seek donations from the community and school families. There were 3 teachers from Saint James High School that lost everything during Hurricane Matthew.
    • Beth Cox is going to reaching out to feeder schools of Saint James High School to see if there are any families that were affected by Hurricane Matthew so that we can put them on our list to be the first served.
    • There is going to be a canned food drive to raise money for this benefit. The top three classes that bring in the most canned food will win an ice cream party


    Service/Kindness Week:

    • Ideas that were suggested to be held during the week are as follows:
    1. The high school students will go to each of the feeder schools to have breakfast with those students.
    2. Saint James High School students will hold a school “clean up”.
    3. Saint James High School students will open car doors for the students at the feeder schools/participate in acts of kindness to each other during the school day (i.e. holding doors open for each other, cleaning tables in the cafeteria, etc.)
    • There was a discussion about having our own hashtag for Kindness Week in our cluster so that we can display photos of our students performing acts of kindness throughout the week.


    Principal’s Report:

    • Fall athletics and band events are in the process of being completed for the fall.
    • There were 160 seniors that applied on College Application Day.
    • Teacher Appreciation Day-Principal and Assistant Principal will teach a class
    • Graduation-Palace has notified us that they are in the process of remodeling so we will not be able to use that location. Administration has looked at the Alabama Theater, Carolina Opry, and Coastal Carolina University as alternative locations. As of this point, the only facility that can house our students and guests is CCU due the large enrollment of the senior class. There has been no date set for graduation.