Vann Pennell              Principal

    Deron Dolfi                          AP

    Angie McCune               AP

    Natasha Best                   AP

    Lindsay Mayer                                  AP


    AM Security- Front Door w/ Dolfi & Paula

    AM Security- 5Pts, Front Door w/Pennell & Paula

    AM Security- Back Loop w/RCox, JPrice & Best

    AM Security- Back Loop w/RCox, JPrice & McCune

    AM Security-Student Parking Lot door w/ Alison


    PM- Student Parking Lot

    PM- Bus Lot

    PM - Shark/Inside Building to 5 Pts.

    PM- Bus parking lot

    PM- Back Loop


    Public Relations

    Public Relations

    Public Relations

    Public Relations

    Public Relations


    Evaluations/SLO  Math, PE, SS, WSmith, JTurnage, Lee, Alison, Assist Principals, CATE

    Evaluations/SLO                 Science, Café, Custodians, ISS

    Evaluations/ SLO                     SS, Math, PE, ESOL, Attendance, CATE

    Evaluations/GBE's/SLO English, Resource Guidance, Media, Stanton,Hamby,Reagan, McLeod, Resource Paras

    Evaluations/SLO, FL, Fine Arts, Self-Contained, Mackiewicz, Pons, Carr, Poulin, JROTC, Self Contained Paras & 1/2 nurse


    Classroom walkthroughs & observations- Engaged

    Classroom walkthroughs & observations- Engaged

    Classroom walkthroughs & observations- Engaged

    Classroom walkthroughs & observations- Engaged

    Classroom walkthroughs & observations- Engaged


    Guidance Liaison- Laskos (Bullying)

    Guidance Liaison- Ferdon (Bullying)

    Guidance Liaison-Stockdale (Bullying) Long

    Guidance Liaison- Wood, Ross  (Bullying) Merritt    

    Guidance Liaison- Ross


    Cafeteria Duty 3rd lunch- Lee/Laskos

    Cafeteria Duty 4th lunch-  Ferdon

    Cafeteria Duty 2nd Lunch-  Long

    Cafeteria Duty - Floater

    Cafeteria Duty 1st lunch- Stockdale


    HSTW Committees: Shark Tank, Department Chair, EOC Algebra 1 & SS, CATE w/ McCune,  Advisory & Spirit w/Mayer

    HSTW Committees: EOC Biology w/Mayer

    HSTW Committees:  Swim Forward, At Risk,  EOC US History, & Math w/ Pennell

    HSTW Committees:  Swim Forward, At Risk, EOC English 1         

    HSTW Committees: Advisory w/Pennell, Innovation/ EOC Biology, & Spirit


    Extracurricular Duties

    Extracurricular Duties

    Extracurricular Duties

    Extracurricular Duties

    Extracurricular Duties


    Male Dress Code

    Male Dress Code

    Female Dress Code

    Female Dress Code

    Female Dress Code



    Science Lab Reports with Jeremy Heinold

    ESOL Testing (Access) w/ Hudson/ Reports

    EOC Testing (Fall & Spring)w/ McCune, Ross



    Finances/Budget w/JTurnage

    Security w/ Williar for school, facilities, grounds & athletics with Lee

    Title II report w/Hudson & Alison

    Liaison to HCEC                                       Bus Discipline

    IEP caseload management w/SE Department chairs


    Spirit Committee w/ Mayer Johnson, Smith, Fox, Lopez

    After hours facilities request for outside vendors/renters

    Standardized tesing accommodations w/ Mayer, Best, Ross

    Standardized tesing accommodations w/ Mayer, McCune, Ross

    Standardized testing accommodations w/ Best, McCune, Ross


    Student Government w/ Revis & Mayer

    Crisis Safety Plan

    Faculty Handbook with Moore

    Ring Ceremony with Schmaus/Herff Jones

    Student Handbook/ Textbooks


    Duty roster w/ Mayer

    Homebound w/ Hamby


    Duty roster w/ Dolfi


    Freshmen Orientation w/ Rogers & Johnson

    Room assignments

    SAFE-T Evaluation and Final ADEPT Report/Eliott

    GBE's (Orientation, Dates, Final Review)

    Fieldtrips(Academics)/  Approvals



    Validation reports

    Testing Coordinator, EOC Standard w/ Best, Ross

    Testing Coordinator, EOC Standard w/ McCune, Ross



    Graduation Rate Report w/ Alison,Reagan, Stockdale, McCune, Merritt, Mahaffey

    ISS/Discipline, Committee & Reports w/Mayer & Hamby                                    

    504's w/Stockdale

    Accreditation Coordinator

    ISS/Discipline Committee & Reports w/Dolfi & Hamby                                   


    New teachers Academy w/ Mayer & Reichert

    Fire, Tornado, Intrusion, Bus drills

    Attendance/AIPs/FA's/    Attendance Make-up and Attendance Summer School w/ WSmith 

    Safe Schools Liaison with Hamby, Poulin

    New Teachers Academy w/ Reichert, Pennell


    Master Schedule w/ Mahaffey, McCune & Ross

    Graduation w/ BCox & Wortley, Grad Tickets

    Master Schedule w/Ross, Mahaffey, Pennell

    Senior Projects with Holland, SWilliams

    Grade book training/Inspect weekly w/ Mahaffey & Ross


    Personnel hiring procedures

    Prom w/Armstrong, Revis & Mayer

    Quarter Recovery/ Tutoring after school w/ Wortley

    IEP caseload management w/ SE Department chairs

    Prom w/Dolfi,Revis & Armstrong


    Pep rallies w/ Rogers, Lee, Mayer & Lopez

    Senior Trip w/Rogers & Hudacko

    CATE Completers w/ Pennell

    Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of Year

    Pep rallies w/ Rogers, Lee, Pennell & Lopez


    PTSO w/ Smith & Best

    Senior Picnic- Hudacko

    Boot Camp w/ Mahaffey

    PTSO w/Pennell, Smith

    Master CWT schedule w/ Alison


    Staff Responsibilities- Assistant Principals, Alison

    Sexual Harassment- Male

    Curriculum Team w/ Best, Ross, Mahaffey, Alison

    Curriculum Team w/ McCune, Ross, Mahaffey, Alison




    Senior Awards Assembly w/ Futch & Laskos

    Packets to Advisory classes (handbooks, etc.)

    At-Risk committee

    Underclassmen Awards Assembly w/ Smalls


    Vann Pennell              Principal

    Deron Dolfi                          AP

    Angie McCune               AP

    Natasha Best                   AP

    Lindsay Mayer                                  AP


    SIC & Athletic Booster Club w/ McCune


    SIC & Athletic Booster Club w/ Pennell

    Erin's Law





    Fundraisers w/ Hamby

    Liaison with Herff Jones- graduation

    Mentors w/ Smalls


    Dept. responsibilities- Math, PE, CATE, SS

    Dept. responsibilities- Science w/Mayer, Custodial Staff, Cafeteria Staff, ISS                                      

    Dept. responsibilities- ESOL, Social Studies, Math, CATE w/ Pennell

    Dept responsibilities- , English,Guidance, Support Staff, Media, Spec Ed, Resource

    Dept. responsibilities- JROTC, Foreign Language,Fine Arts, APEX, Technology Support (PDL), SE- self contained


    Brett Mahaffey

    Alison Reichert                                                     Instructional Coach

    Caroline Ross Guidance Director


    Data collection/ Powerschool/ State report card

    AP Coordinator, AP contact w/ Ferdon

    Data Collection, Review & Analysis w/ Best, Mahaffey

    Guidance department chair


    Bell schedule/Lunch schedules

    Staff Development/PDSA w/ DO/Mahaffey

    HSTW Commitees - Innovation w/ all AP's

    Gradebook- weekly reports


    Master Schedule w/ Pennell, McCune & Ross

    Program of Study w/ Mahaffey/Ross

    Title II report w/ESOL teacher & McCune

    Master schedule w/ Pennell, Mahaffey & McCune


    Boot Camp- Math/English w/ McCune

    Female Dress Code

    Connect & work w/ District Learning Specialists

    Standardized tesing accommodations w/ Mayer, McCune, Best


    Benchmark testing/ MAP testing

    AM Security- Student Parking Lot door w/Mayer

    EOC, AP, ACT/SAT score reports

    Schedule work calendar, duties, extra time worked for Guidance


    Summer data survey/Surveys

    Teacher Certification & renewal credits

    Benchmark  digital content usage reports

    Evaluation for Reagan w/ Best


    Curriculum & Instruction w/ Best, McCune, Ross, Reichert

    GT Contact & audit w/CCarr

    Curriculum Team w/Mahaffey, Best, McCune, Ross

    Curriculum & Instruction w/ Best, McCune, Mahaffey, Reichert


    State Report Card Surveys, Students, Parents, Teachers

    HSTW Coordinator/Budgets w/Mahaffey

    Site coordinator for ALEKS, Achieve 3000, USA Test prep & Achievement series



    PDSA Plan w/ Reichert

    CWT's- Engaging

    Curriculum Newsletter



    CWT's- Engaging

    CWT Scheduling w/ Mahaffey, Best, McCune, Ross

    Work w/ Spec Ed to build strong co-teaching teams



    Grade book training/Inspect weekly w/ Mayer, Reichert & Ross

    New Teacher Academy w/ Pennell, Mayer

    Grade Book examiner w/ Mahaffey, Mayer, Ross



    School Summary Report w/ Pennell & Reichert

    Cafeteria Duty- 1st lunch

    SAT/ACT Course Coordinator w/ KVargo



    School Visits- EOC/AP/Grad Rate

    Graduation Rate Report w/ Pennell,Reagan, Stockdale, McCune, Merritt & Mahaffey




    Strategic Renewal Plan





    School Summary Report w/ Pennell & Mahaffey




    Currie/Bartley          JROTC

    Jeanna Johnson        Teacher

    Keri Phillips                  (Self Contained)              and Jim Baxley (Resource)

    Paula Lee                       Athletic Director

    Elisha Revis                Teacher                 



    Social events/Spirit Committee w/Pennell & Smith


    Sexual Harassment- Female

    Chick Fil A Leader Academy


    Department Chair (Bartley)

    Graduation Program w/ BCox

    Caseload Management w/ Mayer

    Work Orders- Athletic Complex & Gym

    Student Council


    Morning/Evening flags

    CATE Department Chair

    Testing Accommodations w/ Mayer

    Facilities- Athletic Complex & Gym

    Prom w/ Armstrong and Student Council


    Phones in summer (if needed)

    CATE completers

    IEP Meeting Coordinator w/Mayer

    Discipline Committee

    Shark Tank (CATE)


    Veterans Day Ceremony

    CATE budget


    Athletic Booster Committee/Shark Club Rep

    Homecoming w/ Student Council


    Parking Decals (Students) & Parking Discipline


    Female Dress Code


    AM Security EVERY day w/ Mayer at the student parking lot entrance


    Pep Rallies w/ Crews & Pennell


    Athletic Budget


    Activity Buses


    Cafeteria Duty- 3rd block w/ Pennell


    Athletic Schedules


    Athletic Supervision


    Athletic Security w/ Dolfi


    Supervise assistant Athletic Director


    FS Direct for athletic facilities


    Phillip Armstrong    Teacher         

    Tracina Schmaus     Teacher

    Jordan Smalls            Teacher

     Crews/Hudacko              Teacher

    Hank Wortley        Teacher


    Prom w/ Revis & Student Council, Mahaffey

    Social Studies Chair

    Underclassmen Awards w/ Mayer & Woods

    Senior Trip w/ Dolfi

    Discipline Chair Lead


    Flowers for Homecoming

    Ring Ceremony w/ Best, Herff Jones & Armstrong

    Lead Mentor

    Senior Picnic w/ Dolfi (Hudacko)

    SWIM Forward


    Decorations for Ring Ceremony w/Schmaus & Best



    Freshmen Orientation (Crews) w/Pennell

    Graduation w/ BCox


    Genny Futch               Teacher

    Beth Sharrett               Teacher

    Discipline Committee

    Jamison Williar

    Debbie Neidig


    Senior Awards Program w/ Dolfi & Laskos

     National Honor Society/Junior Marshals

    Wortley, Lennon, Powell w/Mayer (Dolfi & Pennell administrator)

    Head Custodian/Work orders

    Cafeteria Manager






    Best                           Testing Coordinator


    Alison Reichert

    ESOL                   Hudson/McCune w/Long




    AP- Ferdon

    Benchmark w/Mahaffey





    SAT- Guidance

    Map w/Mahaffey





    ACT- Long & Wood

    AP Institute





    Workkeys- Long & Wood






    PSAT- Laskos






    CoGat- Ross





    Wynnette Smith

    Christina Carr

    Barbara Hamby

    Kimberli Stanton

    Denise Lopes


    Principal's Secretary/ Prepare for meetings   Office/Staff Director   

    Data Entry

    Substitute Teacher/Smart Find Express/Discipline/ Volunteers

    Welcome Desk

    All attendance entry  w/McCune & Smith


    Attendance, tardies, reports w/ McCune            Tardies w/ Carr

    Tardy Hero system w/ Smith

    Homebound & Fundraisers w/ McCune

    Answer phones and direct calls to appropriate person/department

    Attendance Call System and letters to parents


    Alarms/Keys/Backup bells

    Parent Link

    Front Office Back-up

    Operate secured doors

    Attendance Spreadsheet- weekly and monthly to McCune & Smith


    Phone & Extension List/ Digital Sign


    Workmen's Comp

    Bus Transportation for students and school events for program schools

    Tardies- transfer from Hero to Powerschool


    Emergency Phone Tree

    Front desk- AM

    Discipline Entry/Hearings

    Digital sign/Tardy checkin when needed

    Parent Link


    Summer Addresses

    Transfer verification to DO

    Shark Happenings

    Student & Visitor check in and out

    Verify parent/medical notes


    Social Functions Coordinator w/ Johnson/Spirit Committee

    Welcome Desk backup

    Fixed Assets Inventory

    Weekly time reports for support staff to Hamby

    Filing attendance slips- electronic filing


    Weekly and Master Calendar/Facilities/ After hours facilities request for in-house

    Registration w/ Kat Reagan/Info snap, including summer

    Safe Schools Training w/ NaTasha Best

    Teacher/Student of month pictures, letters, bulletin board

    Email/contact teachers concerning student attendance, codes missing


    Nurse backup (1)


    Nurse backup (2)

    Wall of Fame

    Letters to parents


    PTSO w/Pennell




    AIP's w/ McCune & Smith


    Crisis Management w/Dolfi


    Extra hours worked recorded (teachers)


    Drop out phone calls


    Support staff extra hours worked






    Duties as requested by administration

    Duties as requested by administration

    Duties as requested by administration

    Duties as requested by administration

    Duties as requested by administration