• St. James High School

    School Improvement Council


    April 12, 2016




    Vann Pennell – Principal

    Margie Riedinger – Parent

    Kristen Rogers - Teacher

    Melissa Poulin – Parent

    Caroline Ross – Guidance

    Debbie Leonard – Parent

    Janice Morreale – School Board Member

    Sally Young – Parent and SIC Vice-Chairman

    Terri Larkin – Parent and SIC Chairman



    Guidance Report

    Upcoming testing - ACT test will be given on April 19th to all 11th grade students.  AP exams will be off campus this year at Journey Church.

    ACT workshop will be held for all 11th graders with an outside company to help prepare for the exam.  Ms. Frick will be taking 7 or 8 kids during elective classes to prepare for the ACT in small group. 

    AP Institute is still taking applications for kids and at this time is offering 19 AP classes.  After April 15th we will see what classes will make.  Currently the numbers for AP classes are looking good.  This year we offered 9 AP classes and next school year we are offering 19 classes. 

    EOC Exams are scheduled from May 16 to May 26.

    Bylaws Update:

    St. James High School SIC Bylaws were amended to reflect the adoption of the School Reading Plan as required by the Read to Succeed Act, changes to the election dates and addition of a meeting date to bring the scheduled meeting dates to a total of seven.   A motion was made to approve the bylaws as amended and unanimously approved.

    SIC Elections:

    In May we will be holding elections for SIC officers for the 2016-2017 school year.  At this time on the ballot will be Jean Young for Chairman, Rhonda Blackmon for Vice-Chairman and a Secretary to be appointed later. 

    Freshman Orientation 2016:

    Kristen Rogers updated the SIC on the Freshman Orientation scheduled for August 17th.  Jean Young will help arrange the t-shirts, Kari Fussaro will help get the pizza and Michelle Collins will arrange to get the water.  We will need parent volunteers to help serve the pizza.  Ms. Rogers noted that students who have attended have positive feedback and feel much more comfortable the first day of school walking the halls and getting to class.  No suggestions were made to change any part of this event.

    Principals Report:

    Palmetto Finest – students celebrated each day with ring pops, cookies, ice-cream and Italian ice.  Teachers will be getting shirts donated by Life Touch and May 6th Inlet Affairs and other restaurants in Murrells Inlet will be having a dinner for the teachers. 

    Swim Forward is scheduled for May 17th at 6:00 pm to recognize students for any improvements.  SIC members are invited to attend.

    St. James students have submitted 20 pieces of art to be shown at the art show at the Burroughs & Chapin Art Museum.

    Drama is performing Legally Blonde April 28 to April 30th.

    Prom was awesome this year – they had games, photo booth and a great DJ.

    Graduation will be held June 3, 2016 at the Palace Theater.  At this time each student is expected to receive 6 tickets to graduation.