St James High School

    School Improvement Council Meeting

    February 9, 2016


    Terri Larkin- SIC Chair                Kimberly Stanton-parent

    Melissa Poulin-parent                  Caroline Ross-Guidance Director

    Jean Morris-parent                       Tammy Moreland-Asst. Principal

    Margie Redinger-parent             Laura Burduck-Teacher

    Jennifer Bayliff-parent                 Sally Young- Co-Chair

                                                                Janice Morreale- School Board


    Welcome: Terri Larkin welcomed everyone back after the winter break.

    Guidance Report: Caroline Ross said that students could pick up their PSAT scores during lunch breaks this week.  There will be an ACT workshop March 2nd. ACT will be offered to all juniors on April 11th.  February 25th St. James will hold an AP day to try to recruit students at 10am and again from 5:30-7pm for parents. Caroline also mentioned that male students that are interested in Boys State should submit a letter of intent by February 19th to Ms. Wood. She does not have any information for Girls State right now. Sally Young suggested that maybe the students that are chosen have some sort of prepping before they go.

    New SAT: Mrs. Vargo went over the new format for the SAT. The SAT will only consist of two sections instead of three. There will be no penalty for guessing. The test will be three hours instead of three hours forty-five minutes. The top score is going back to 1600. Last year St. James average for SAT was 1476 based on a top score of 2400. ACT average score for last year was 22. Top score is a 36. ACT has four sections, which are reading, math, science, and English.  Students can take the SAT on March 5th, May 7th, or June 4th.  ACT is available April 9th and June 11th. Mrs. Vargo also talked about available scholarships. To qualify for the Life Scholarship ($5000 per year) the student must meet two of three requirements- 3.0 GPA, ranked top 30%, 1100 SAT or 24 ACT by June of their senior year. If the student is going to a two -year school they must have a 3.0 GPA.  To qualify for the Palmetto Fellow Scholarship (freshmen $6700, last three years $7500) the student must have a 3.5 GPA at the end of their junior year. They must be ranked in the top 6% by the end of their junior year and have a 1200 SAT score or a 27 ACT score.  Opportunities at St. James to prepare for the SAT or ACT are the workshops, SAT/ACT prep class, on line resources, and books the students can check out before the test. St. James will have a SAT prep workshop on February 23th. The cost is $20.

    Senior Project: Barbara Holland stated that all English 4 students are required to do a senior project. Each project has four components. Students must research a topic, perform eight hours of community service, present a 10-minute presentation, and build a weebly.  The goals for the project are to engage the student as self directed active, independent learners and role models, to integrate curriculum, create a performance based forum for senior learning, involve the community in the students learning process and to raise school standards and expectations. The next presentation will be May 10, 2016. Mrs. Holland would love more volunteers.

    Parent Cabinet Meeting Re-Cap: Terri Larkin and Sally Young attended a district meeting. They learned that the St James area would be getting a new intermediate school that will house 5th and 6th graders.  Terri also mentioned that St. James High School received two-shout -outs at the meeting for being recognized as a finalist for the Palmetto Finest award and for the SIC receiving an excellence award.  Terri also emailed the minutes from the district meeting to the parent email list.

    AP University: Caroline Ross briefly went over this new program. This program is to try to keep students in the school by offering more AP courses so they can compete with other options student have for schooling. St. James is going to have 18 AP courses for the next school year. She will have more information at the next meeting.

    Principal Report: Ms. Moreland was present at the meeting. She talked about an award program called the M&M Team that was started for “at risk” students. Teachers nominate students that have made strives to improve academically. Those students and their families were treated to a dinner and a reward presentation last night in the cafeteria. She said it was a wonderful night for the students and families that were present. Lastly, she mentioned that the school will be getting a final visit from the judges from the Palmetto Finest sometime between February 16th- February 29th.

    Graduation will be June 3rd at 1:30 pm at the Palace Theater.


    Meeting adjourned: 6:55