• Drivers Education

    Horry County Schools Driver’s Education Program

    It is the mission of the Coordinator of Driver’s Education to ensure that students in Horry County have an opportunity to receive instruction in Driver’s Education. Driver's Education is a combination of classroom instruction, online training,and behind-the-wheel training that teaches young drivers the basics of operating a vehicle. It also covers essential theories and techniques for safe and responsible driving.


    Coordinator of Driver’s Education

    Lt. Col. (R) James Davis
    (843) 488-6888

    Horry County Schools offers Driver’s Education at nine high schools and centers throughout the county.  Each program is administered by a South Carolina Certified Driver’s Education Instructor.  The schools and centers that offer Driver’s Education in Horry County Schools are listed below:

    Course Description. This Horry County Schools Driver’s Education course is designed to teach and train high school students the basics of operating a vehicle. It covers the essential theories and techniques for safe and responsible driving.  Students enrolled in Driver’s Education will participate in classroom instruction, online training, and behind-the-wheel driver’s education.

    Course Curriculum. The comprehensive Driver’s Education curriculum includes the following:

    • Driving laws and regulations
    • Operating a motor vehicle
    • Distractions and hazards
    • The effects of alcohol and drugs on driving
    • Traffic Safety Education

    Course Requirements.  Each student will receive a minimum of eight hours of classroom and six hours of driving instruction by a certified South Carolina Driver’s Education Instructor.  Students must possess a South Carolina Beginner Permit before they can began the driving instruction part of the course.  Students will have the opportunity to complete the South Carolina driver’s road test exam at the culmination of the training.  In addition, all students must complete the online driver’s education training through our specially developed driver’s training course at www.costech.com/scdrivered.  Once students login the site, they will complete the modules and their corresponding exams.  Students must receive a score of 70 or higher on each module to complete the course.

    Course Completion.  Following completion of the course requirements, students will receive a Driver’s Education Certificate (PDLA Form) from their Driving Instructor.  This certificate verifies that the student completed the necessary class, passed the online test, and passed the driver’s test.  Students can take the certificate the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain their South Carolina Driver’s license. Students will also receive one credit hour of elective credit upon completion of the course.

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