• For Parents

    What is JROTC?
    JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. It is a program designed to "Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens" as the mission statement goes. The program is based off a military chain of command in which students will get to participate in the school battalion, occupying positions, holding responsibilities, and leading other cadets. The curriculum, itself, teaches many skills such as leadership, organization, public speaking, first aid, map reading, and many other skills. This program does not teach combat tactics. It should also be noted that there are four years of curriculum meaning that, should the student choose to, he or she can take the program for all four years of high school. After a year ends, the student can choose whether to stay in the program or leave. Aside from participating with a rank and position in the battalion, the students can participate in after school team activities such as rifle team, raider team, drill team, and Color Guard. For many students these teams complete the JROTC experience.

    Will my child have to join the military because of this program?
    No, JROTC does not bring any obligation to join the military at any time.

    How much time must one devote to this program?
    JROTC is the sort of program that gives back how much one puts into it. Students are encouraged, but not obligated to join the teams, which practice after school, generally, Monday through Thursday. As stated before, the student can take JROTC for all four years of high school if he or she chooses to do so.