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    To provide Transportation for all Horry County Schools students in a SAFE, EFFICIENT and TIMELY MANNER in accordance with South Carolina Department of Education and Horry County Schools Rules and Regulations

    Horry County Schools (HCS) operates more than 340 buses each day, most of which complete double routes for morning and afternoon runs. Most of our buses are purchased and allocated by the State based upon rider occupancy. HCS owns a handful of buses that serve as activity buses and run special routes to get students from all over the county to programs at centralized locations. Students who live within one and one-half miles of their school may be provided bus transportation if they have hazardous walking conditions.  Bus stops are spaced at least two-tenths of one mile apart unless deemed hazardous by the District Transportation Office (DTO). In either of these situations, DTO will determine the safe points for the bus stops. Students living less than three-tenths of one mile from a main road must meet the bus at an established safe point determined by the DTO. Information about bus routes and stops is available at the time of registration, upon request or by clicking the link below to use our interactive maps to locate your child's school or locate your child's bus stop.

    Click Here: HCS Interactive Maps

    Responsible student behavior is extremely important on the bus so that bus drivers are able to maintain focus on highway safety. Video surveillance is used on buses to monitor student behavior and may be used as evidence during disciplinary proceedings.  Bus transportation is a privilege that can be suspended if a student's behavior creates an unsafe condition on the bus. 

    Please read: HCS Bus Rules and Discipline Guidelines   

    For more on student behavior while on the bus take a look at Conway High School's Safety Tips Video.

     Click Here: Safety Tips Video

    If your child is enrolled in Child Development, Kindergarten or 1st grade and is a bus rider, he /she will be enrolled in the HCS tag program.  

    Please read: HCS Tagged Child Program   

    If there are any questions or concerns about the bus routes, pick-up times, or other safety issues please contact your Attendance Area Supervisor. 

    Click Here: Attendance Area Bus Offices  

    If you have any other questions or concerns contact the Department of Transportation directly or view the directory below.