• HCS Transportation

    HCS Transportation


    Safety is our number one priority

    The office of transportation services is responsible for providing the safe and efficient transportation of all eligible students to and from school and extracurricular activities each day. To accomplish this mission, a team of professional administrative specialists are here to provide routing, and safety with dedicated drivers and supervisors to maintain a level of service for all of our students. Each day our dedicated team works together to ensure the safe transportation of our students. 


    • We have a bus office in all 9 attednace areas and provide transportation for 57 schools district-wide.
    • We have a fleet of 424 buses that are used to cover 1379 routes.
    • We have 361 State owned routed buses, 63 county owned routed buses. and 56 county owned activity buses.
    • Annually, our fleet covers over 5.6 million miles and over 31,000 miles daily. Our buses have either Angel Trax or Seon camera systems that provide high defintion video, audio and tracking to assist with the safety of our students.