• HCS Tagged Child Program- CD, K &1st Grade Students

    The Tagged Child Program is designed to ensure that young riders on school buses are delivered to the correct bus stops with proper supervision. Children who are 4 or 5 years of age and attend either Child Development or Kindergarten classes are considered Tag Children. Children who are enrolled in a first-grade classroom in Horry County Schools are also considered Tag Children, but the requirements at the bus stop do vary slightly. 

    The purpose of the written instructions is to ensure the safety and well-being of all students on board any State or County school bus in Horry County. To give guidance to bus drivers, supervisors and school administrators in the proper manner to handle Tagged Children.

    The school that each tag child attends is responsible for providing a tag that is to be worn by the child when onboard any school bus, the tag worn by the child must have the following information:

    1. The child's full name
    2. The route number that the child rides
    3. The child's bus stop location
    4. A Power School photo of the child, if available
    5. Child's current grade level. (CD, K or 1st Grade)

    Note: Tags are not to have names of people that are authorized to pick up the student.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to be at the bus stop.  Drivers will not be checking ID's at the bus stop.

    • The Driver must be on his/her bus, by the entrance, during the loading process. The Driver must check each child's tag information for accuracy prior to that child taking their seat.
    • All tagged children must have assigned seats in the rows nearest the front of the bus.  If a tagged child has an older sibling on the same bus, they may sit together, however, it must be a seat at the front designated for tagged children.
    • The child's tag must be worn by the child until that child exits the bus and has supervision at the bus stop.
    • During the unloading process of a tagged child, the driver must; remove the child's tag prior to the child exiting the bus, verify that the child is at the correct bus stop and that the child is supervised when getting off the bus.
    • All 4 and 5 year old children who attend Child Development or Kindergarten must have supervision at the bus stop before the child is allowed to depart the bus.
    • At bus stops where community leaders are picking up multiple students, the driver must ensure that all tagged children have been accounted for and are under the supervision of the community leader prior to the bus leaving that stop.
    • Students who are enrolled in the First grade must be tagged the same as the Child Development and Kindergarten children. However, First grade students are not required to have supervision at the bus stop when they depart the bus. The driver must follow the same procedure at the bus stop to ensure that the First grade student is departing the bus at the proper bus stop as identified on his/her tag.
    • When at the bus stop of a tagged child in Child Development or Kindergarten, the driver determines that the child does not have supervision present, the driver will immediately contact their supervisor, via radio, and in most cases return the tagged child to his/her school before their next route.
    • When at the bus stop of a tagged child in Child Development, Kindergarten or First Grade, the driver determines that the information on the tag is incorrect, the driver will contact their supervisor immediately, via radio. The driver will follow the instructions given by his/her supervisor. If for any reason, the driver cannot reach their supervisor, they will return the tagged child to his/her school before their next route.