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  • Stop-Arm Violation And Citation Information

    According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, troopers have written at least 33 stop-arm violations to date in Horry County since the beginning of the school year. Please be informed that SCHP troopers will often follow school buses or wait near areas of repeated violations, based on the stop-arm violation reports submitted by our school district.  In an effort to promote school bus safety, we wish to remind the motoring public that any time you see a school bus, anticipate that you will have to stop. 

    Please watch for amber warning lights and, ultimately, the red lights and stop arm. Never pass a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading students. Please know that passing a stopped school bus is highly dangerous and also illegal. A motorist who chooses to pass a stopped school bus with a stop arm and lights flashing could face a fine of $1,062.50 and six points against their driver's license.  We appreciate your cooperation and awareness as it pertains to school bus safety.  


School Bus Safety: Do I Need to Stop?

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