• HCS Bus Rules and Guidelines

    The safety of our students is always the first concern of the Horry County Schools. School bus drivers are the school district's representative in charge of the bus. As such, bus drivers’ instructions must be followed and respected by all students on the bus. The driver’s instructions guide students as they board and leave the bus, and they help manage students’ conduct during the ride. 


    The safe operation of a school bus requires both the full attention of the bus driver and proper behavior of student passengers. For this to occur, it is important that parents/guardians discuss with your child his or her individual responsibilities for a safe ride and the importance of observing bus rules. These rules are based on district policies. Adherence to these rules ensures the safety and welfare of all riders on the bus.


  • Who is Responsible for Students Waiting at Bus Stops?

  • Are Parents Allowed on Buses?

  • Are there Special Rules for Primary Students?

  • Do Horry County School Buses Enter Gated Communities?

  • How Soon Should Students Arrive at the Bus Stop?

  • May Students Cross the Street to Meet the Bus?

  • Are Students Allowed to Cross the Street After Exiting the Bus?

  • What is the Proper Way for a Student to Board the Bus?

  • What are the Behavioral Expectations for Students While on a Bus?

  • May Students Choose to Utilize any Stop on a Bus Route?

  • Corrective actions for misconduct on a school bus will follow the appropriate district policy.  Minor infractions may involve corrective action by the bus driver at the time of the incident (seat assignment).  Serious or repeated infractions that jeopardize everyone's safety will result in a write-up for the administration to address.  Such discipline can involve suspensions from bus transportation up to and including immediate removal from a bus, if warranted.  Parents, guardians, or designees are responsible for transporting students to and from school when bus privileges have been suspended.