Loris High's Mission and Beliefs

  • Loris High School's vision is to be a premier, world-class school in which every student acquires an excellent education. Our school will be a welcome center, organized around high-quality teaching and learning. 


    The mission of LHS is to prepare all students to achieve excellence by creating an environment conducive to learning where students and families' work together to promote the skills needed in a continuously changing world.


    • To secure financial assistance for all students seeking post-secondary education
    • To develop a career/college plan for all students and ensure successful completion of the plan by all students.
    • To have all students demonstrate proficiency in at least one area of advanced technology. 


    TACTICS...  how the school will go about achieving its objectives

    • We will provide the necessary training for our staff that ensures the achievement of our mission and objectives.
    • We will secure funding necessary to achieve our mission and objectives.
    • We will integrate advanced technology into all areas of the curriculum
    • We will ensure a safe leaning environment.
    • We will foster self-esteem, motivation and pride in students.
    • We will establish a program to enhance school community relations.
    • We will enhance our curriculum to meet the needs of a changing society.



    • All students can learn.
    • All students can be successful.
    • Students are ultimately accountable for their learning; however, the family, the school, and the community shares in the responsibility.
    • All students will be technologically proficient.
    • Students will develop higher-level thinking skills.
    • Students will be encouraged to pursue their interests and develop their talents.
    • Learning is a lifelong process.
    • Learning styles are accommodated.
    • The school will provide a safe environment for learning.
    • All faculty members will refine their skills to help students compete in a global market.
    • All people deserve respect.
    • Building cultural bridges promotes an appreciation for diversity.
    • The school serves and reflects the community and its values by promoting responsible citizenship and by meeting its educational needs.


    BLUE: Truth and Loyalty

    GOLD: Generosity and Elevation of the Mind. 


    LION: Bravery, strength, and valor.