• Transportation


    •  Morning Drop-off– 7:05-7:35 am….Arrive early so that students are in class by the tardy bell at 7:40 am. Please have students ready to get out of the vehicle when you have stopped at the curb between the duty persons. Do not drop students off in the parking lot. Limited parking is available on campus in the front parking lot. We strongly recommend that you stay in the traffic line and drop off your child in the supervised area along the curb. 

    • During the School Day…..Visitor parking is available in the front parking lot. Vehicles may not park in front of the school along the sidewalk or block the driveway to the front of the school as this may interfere with emergency vehicle access. All visitors to the school will enter the building through the main office entrance and use the electronic sign-in by scanning their state issued drivers license and receiving a visitor badge. 

     Afternoon Pick-up 2:30 pm…..Please remain in your vehicle and pull up through the car line. Display a card in your front window with your child’s name and grade in large letters. Students will be dismissed to the loading area when their names are called and supervised as they walk to their vehicles in the car line. 

    • Early Dismissal….Parents must enter through the main office and present a picture ID in order to sign-out a student. EARLY DISMISSALS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AFTER 2:00 PM. 

    • Changes in Dismissal...Parents must submit a written and signed note to change your child’s transportation home. The note should be sent to the school office or faxed to the school (903-8401) before 1:30 pm to allow time to notify the teacher and student. CHANGES MAY NOT BE MADE BY PHONE. 

     Students walking to and from school... This service is provided for students walking to Ocean Bay Middle or to The Farm neighborhood. Students walking to other areas must be requested of and approved by the OBE administration. Parents should inform the school with a  signed written notice if their child will be walking to and/or from school. The note must include the student’s destination and the point of release. Please provide one note per child. Students walking to school in the morning will cross International Drive at the crosswalk which is supervised by the HCPD crossing guard, 7:00 am-7:40am. Students will walk along the sidewalk and enter at the appropriate Student Entrance doorways. Students walking home from school in the afternoon will be dismissed to the Gym. Students will be accompanied by an OBE Duty Supervisor and walked to the crosswalk at International Drive. The HCPD crossing guard will assist the students in crossing International Drive. There are two points of release. Students walking to Ocean Bay Middle will be released by the Duty Supervisor at the sidewalk beside OBMS. Remaining students will be released by the Duty Supervisor at the Bus Shelter at the Entrance to The Farm. Students will not be released at other locations due to safety reasons. In case of inclement weather: We will proceed in PM walker procedures in light 
    rain. If parents do not wish their child to walk in a light rain, they must notify the office by 2:00 pm so that we may notify your child and teacher of the change. In the case of heavy showers and/or lightening, students will remain in the Gym until the weather clears or parents are contacted. Parents should go to the Main Office to pick up their child. Students will not be released from the Gym due to safety reasons. 

    Thank you OBE parents for your support and cooperation in following these important safety and security procedures. This will ensure the safety 
    of OBE students and staff.