• 2017 Tech Fair FAQ

    · Each school will have ONE point of contact. This person will be the school's technology contact. This person will be responsible to deliver all information to participating teachers and students. Each entry must have a teacher sponsor but the sponsor does not have to be the technology contact.

    · Projects for each category must be unique and cannot be entered in more than one category. The only exception is in the case of a large multifunctional project that has several elements, each of which could stand alone. Students may participate in a maximum of 2 projects.

    · Projects are to be designed and created by students. Some adult guidance is allowed, but it must be clear that all work entered by students was done by the students.

    · Schools may submit up to two entries per category. Schools may elect to have preliminary fair/judging to determine the entries for the district level competition.

    ·  All categories are open to team competition unless it is specifically stated the category is for individuals. Teams should consist of no more than 3 people, with exception to robotics teams.

    · The deadline for technology fair registration is Wednesday, March 1st.  We will not be able to accept additional entries after March 1st due to the many items that need to be in place prior to the event on March 29th.

    · There WILL be a LEGO robotics competition again this year.  More information will be available soon.  The LEGO competition will be a separate category and has a separate registration form which will be avaliable soon.

    ·  If your school is having a preliminary technology fair to determine school entries for the district fair, please let me know.  I would like to keep track of how many schools are needing to have their own fair before the district event.

    · Don’t forget field trip request forms.  One recommendation from last year was bus transportation to the event and parents pick up at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.  Students may begin setting up as early as 9am if needed.

    · No outside food, drinks or coolers are allowed inside the convention center halls.  You may have snack (or your own lunch) outside in front of the building. 

    · Parking is FREE

    · Remember you can submit 2 entries, per category, per level.  There are 5 levels.

    o   Primary (PK-1)

    o   Elementary (2-3)

    o   Intermediate (4-5)

    o   Middle (6-8)

    o   High (9-12)

    Students MUST attend and present the project on the day of the Fair. Teams must have at least 2 of the members in attendance. Each participant must have a parent consent form to participate at the district level.

    Transportation: Parents and/or the school will be responsible for student transportation to and from the event.

    Bibliography – If the project contains any material not written/created by the student, a bibliography must be included (including websites used, people that consulted with the student to provide guidance, etc)

    Copyright permissions – The Student Technology Fair committee supports ethical behavior and respect for the work of others. Any images, text or recordings not created by the student must have written permission from the owner of the work. The content must give permission of use or be free domain. Note: "Google," "DISCUS," and "United Streaming" are not considered full citations. Work that is unique to the student or free in the public domain is acceptable but must be listed in the Bibliography. Work that is not properly cited will be penalized in the judging.

    Computers and Software - Students will be provided a table and electricity the day of the competition. Students are responsible for the security of any computer or equipment brought on the premises. If additional equipment is needed, please complete the additional equipment needed form prior to the day of the competition.

    Prizes - Placement ribbons and prized will be awarded