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    School Improvement Council

    The vision of the SC School Improvement Council is:

    "To promote and support civic engagement for
    quality public education in South Carolina.”

     The mission of the SC School Improvement Council is:
    "To facilitate meaningful parent and community involvement
    in our state’s public schools by providing resources, tools
    and strategies to local School Improvement Councils
    and other stakeholder groups."

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    SIC Members 

     Principal:  Mr. Nick Harris 

    Katelyn Collins
    Amy Gore
    James Mauldin
    Tammy Rogers
    Laura Young
    Jodi Watson 

    Scott Carroll
    Shawn Elliott
    Leslie Hewitt
    Darlene Lovett
    Cortney Mincey
    Sydney Shelley

    Amir Campbell
    Eric Crawford
    Isabella Jeter
    Lexis Rhodes
    Hugh Strickland
    Leah Williams