• Academic Olympic Team

    Advisor: Terri Daniels



    The Academic Team is a quick recall team for 9th through 12th grade students. The team competes in the Fall of each year with other district teams. The competition involves rounds of quick questions and answers using a buzzer system. Teams earn points in each round in an effort to get to the championship round.


    The 2017-18 Loris High School Team made it to the district championship during last year's 20th Annual Event! The team is ready for a win this school year!

    Email Advisor:

    Mrs. Daniels


image of academic team
  • 2018-19 Team Members:

     Team Captain: Julia Badillo
    Andrew Brain
    Destiny Marvin
    T'Asia Smalls
    Melanie Robles Tinoco
    Quanterria Vick
    Daysie Weihert