• Saint James High School
    School Improvement Council Minutes
    Tuesday, November 14, 2017
    • Jean Young/SIC President and parent
    • Janice Morreale-School Board Member and parent
    • Debbie Leonard/SIC Secretary and parent
    • Helene Gerrald – Parent
    • Tammy Herring – Parent
    • Donna Satterly – Parent
    • Lucille Douglas – Parent
    • Jennifer Steinmetz – Parent
    • Bernice Ortiz-Robles – Parent
    • Theresa Cacace – Parent
    • Vann Pennell-Principal of Saint James High School
    • Caroline Ross – Admin
    • Matthew Fox – Teacher
    • Karla Lopez – Teacher
    • Kevin Ferry - Teacher
    • Otez Myers – Senior Class President

    Ms. Jean Young – Welcome
    • Asked for reading and approval of the May and October 2017 minutes. Motion made by Caroline Ross and seconded by Lucille Douglas.
    • Discussed application process for the Riley Award
    • Provided the Draft 2018/2019 school calendar.
    Ms.Janice Morreale
    • Jan 22-26th will be devoted to performing many acts of kindness including donations of personal hygiene supplies, socks and snacks. SJHS students will go to elementary and intermediate schools to read to students. Other activities were discussed.
    Principal’s Report – Mr. Vann Pennell
    • Requested the help of SIC with Kindness Week. Suggested SIC can bag supplies or help serve lunch on Jan 26th.
    • Guitar/Chorus – Has grown to 65 students from 10 in the past two years.
    Had state competition the previous Friday. We have 3 all-state singers.
    • Discussed Veterans Day ceremony – We had 100 veterans participated. The
    band played, all of the spouses and children of Veterans were recognized,
    wreath laying and Taps. 500 students attended. The ceremony was livestreamed
    into the classrooms.
    • Discussed wrestling and cheerleading teams.
    • Students were allowed to dress up for Halloween which was enjoyed by all.
    • Requested that we walk around the building with him at the January meeting.
    He wants suggestions for ideas and improvements.
    • Discussed visits to St. James Middle School with 7th and 8th grade parents.
    • He takes students with all As in the quarter to CiCi’s Pizza for lunch. There
    are 350 students with all As. He discussed ways to raise money to pay for
    these lunches.
    Caroline Ross - Guidance:
    • Sent out letters to Juniors to take SAT or ACT. Collected 300 responses.
    The ACT will be Feb 27th and the SAT will be March 7th.
    • They are scheduling IGP meetings for underclassman now.
    • Guidance is sponsoring seven families and 15 students for Christmas.
    Discussed the needs of students who are homeless or living in unstable
    Ms. Jean Young:
    • Ms. Young adjourned the meeting.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Debbie Leonard