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Car Rider Procedures / safeDissmisal

  • We value the safety of all of our students and faculty.



    Doors open to students at 7:35 am.  Students are not to be dropped off early unless they are meeting a teacher for tutoring or a morning club meeting.


    We are excited to inform you about a new change to our TOMS school dismissal process as of August 2023. This new dismissal process will improve the safety of your children and improve the efficiency (speed) of dismissal. We have partnered with the company safeDISMISSAL.COM to implement this new dismissal process. One of the many features of this new dismissal process is that your children will remain comfortably and safely in their classroom until the moment they will meet you in the "car loading zone".


    We have included a short video to explain the procedure.

    All students received their Yellow Pick-up Card at Back to School Open House. If you were unable to pick up your card that night, we will do our best to deliver it to you in the car line on the first week of school.


    Here a few tips to follow during our new dismissal process:

    1. Please make sure to have your Yellow Pick-up Card displayed in your front window when entering the dismissal line. Please keep your card displayed until your child has been loaded into your car.

    2. Please stay in-line (no passing) during dismissal as the children will be instructed to walk to specific spots for loading.

    3. If your student does not arrive at the loading spot before you do, you may be instructed to move to a "waiting" area where your child will be notified again. We ask you to move to this area so that we do not hold up the remaining dismissal line.

    Finally, we ask for your patience the first couple of days that we implement this new process. The administrators and teachers are committed to making this process beneficial to all parties.

    For more information, please visit


    BUS Transportation Questions


    HCSD has updated the school bus transportation system. For questions on bus stop locations or times, please contact the Carolina Forest Bus Office at 843-236-0705, or call our school office at 843-488-8896.


  • Safety is our number one priority.  Please follow the procedures when dropping off and picking up students.