• Note from our Nurse: 

  • Preparing For Cold and Flu Season


    At Black Water we want to be proactive in preventing the spread of disease among our precious students.

    Following are a few helpful hints and a review of our medical policy stating guidelines for when a student needs to stay home from school.

    By the time many students reach this stage they should have had multiple immunizations to protect them from many life-threatening diseases. However, because children often have poor hand-washing routines and spend hours together in close proximity, the spread of both bacterial and viral illnesses are VERY common.

    The cold is the most common and frequent illness seen in school-aged children. To aid in the prevention of illness, children need to stay rested, nourished , hydrated, dress weather appropriate  and practice thorough and frequent hand washing.  Included in every classroom is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for use when soap and water isn’t readily available. But when soap and water is available this is the BEST choice.


    When to stay home:

    • If a student has a temperature of 101 degrees (oral)or more, the student should stay home for 24 hours after the temperature returns to normal without medication. 
    • If a student has any rash that may be disease-related or the cause is unknown, check with your family physician before sending the student to school.
    • If a student’s eyes are red with watery or pus drainage, check with your family physician to rule out allergy/bacterial or  viral pink eye.

    We are so thankful for each of our students, and hope for a wonderful and healthy year for each of them.


    Questions please contact our school nurse, Pamela Lawrence-Griffin at pgriffin001@horrycountyschools.net.