HCS Virtual
  • HCS Virtual is a program of Horry County Schools. The program operates in partnership with schools and parents to offer high school level courses across the district. HCS Virtual provides a teacher led, virtual classroom environment providing flexibility for students. We operate on a rolling enrollment which means that students may start our courses at almost any time. All classes offered by HCS Virtual are taught by district teachers who are certified by the State of South Carolina.

    HCS Virtual has over 40 course offerings in various content areas including AP courses. A student’s options and opportunities are not limited by the school in which they attend. 

    To begin your online classroom experience, click here to create an account and register for your course! 

     Visit the "Academics / Course Info" link above to view our course list and to find out more about HCS Virtual. 

     HCS Virtual is committed to offering quality online educational options for the students of our district. 

     If you need further information, please contact HCS Virtual directly at 843-488-6816.

About Us

  • HCS Virtual is a program of Horry County Schools which provides 9-12 curriculum to Horry County students. HCS Virtual's supplemental program provides courses to supplement a student’s program of study at their local school.  In many of our courses, students may begin the course any week of the year, and may move at their own pace through the content.

     Why would a student enroll in an online course?

    HCS Virtual is not a diploma granting institution. There are many reasons why a student may choose an online course.   For example:

    • a student may wish to take an AP course their local school does not offer.
    • a student may wish to complete the remaining requirements for graduation this semester yet the course on campus is already full or not offered this semester.
    • a student may be home bound or hospital bound due to an illness and wish to remain on schedule and graduate on time.
    • a student may wish to enroll in an online course for credit recovery when the student has already failed the course and needs to regain the credit.
    • a student may wish to enroll in an online course because of scheduling conflicts at the local school.
    • a student may wish to enroll in an online course due to personal preference or interest.

     Do courses start on a particular date?

    HCS Virtual operates under the premise that students should have choices regarding when they study and work in courses; therefore, we offer students rolling enrollment where possible.  This means the start time is flexible.  

    Are HCS Virtual teachers certified by the State of South Carolina?

    All courses offered by HCS Virtual are taught by highly qualified and SC certified teachers.

    How many students does HCVS serve each year?

    HCS Virtual processes over 3,000 course enrollments (a two semester course is counted as one course enrollment) per year.  

     How many courses are offered through HCS Virtual?

    Over 50 course options are available through HCS Virtual as initial credit offerings.  Over 30 online courses are available as credit recovery options.  Additionally, 21 courses from VirtualSC are offered to students in Horry County.