How to Register for an HCS Virtual Course

  • Click here to print the Step-by-step directions 

  • To enroll in an HCS Virtual course you must first create a student account. If you have taken a course in the past, you do not need to create another account. You just need to log in with your previous account credentials and move forward with requesting your desired courses.

    1. Go to: and click on the “Create an Account” link.

    Maestro Login


    2. You will enter all the information that is highlighted in yellow (as shown below). Remember, when entering an e-mail address, it is best to use your school e-mail account. Note: This screen also acts as the means for ensuring that you have read and acknowledged the “HCS Acceptable Computer Use and HCS Academic Integrity Policies.” Once you have read this information, you should check the acknowledgment box.

    Create Account

    3. Once your account is created, you should now enter your demographic information on the student information page. Fields highlighted in yellow are mandatory and must be entered in order to submit the application. Once your information has been completed, make sure you click on the “Submit” button before navigating away from this page, or your data will be lost.

    4. After submitting the demographic information you should navigate to the left side of the page and click on the “Request a Course” button, as shown below: Virtual directions

    5. You can search for a course by manually entering a course name, or by using the dropdown menu allowing you to search for courses within a specific subject area. Once you have found the course that you would like to enroll in, you should click on the file cabinet icon located under the “add” column, and continue by clicking the “add” prompt on the next page to complete the course request. You should repeat this process listed above to request multiple courses. (Ex. You would like to request Algebra 1 AND P.E.)

    6. After submitting your course requests, you should print the parent/guardian signature form, get it signed, and bring it back to your counselor so that he/she can approve your course request.

    7. Guidance Counselor approval is required prior to course enrollment. Steps for Registering for an HCS Virtual Course July 2016