• How to Register for HCS Virtual FLEX (grades 9-12)

    How to regsiter

    HCS Virtual FLEX makes it easy for students in grades 9-12 to enroll in one or two online courses to supplement courses they may be taking at their brick-and-mortar school. HCS Virtual FLEX is a supplemental program that began in 2009 and is not intended for full-time online students. 

  • Get started with HCS Virtual FLEX (grades 9-12) using the steps below.

    Step 1. Create a Student Account

    To enroll in an HCS Virtual course you must first create a student account. Go to https://maestro.horrycountyschools.net and click on “Apply Now” If you have taken a course in the past, you will log in with your previous account credentials and move forward with requesting your desired courses.

    Step 2. Complete and Submit Application

    • Complete all requested information fields. All students are required to use their HCS Google Email for account set-up. The next step ensures that you have read and acknowledged the “HCS Acceptable Computer Use and HCS Academic Integrity Policies .” Once you have read this information, check the acknowledgment box, and continue.
    • Once your account is created, continue by entering your demographic information on the student information page. Fields denoted by an asterisk* are mandatory and must be entered in order to submit the application. Once your information has been completed, click on the “Submit” button. If you are not ready to submit, click on the “Finish Later” button to save your information.

    Step 3. Request a Course

    After submitting your demographic information, navigate to the left side, under “Academic Info” and click on the “Request a Course” button.

    Step 4. Add Course

    You can search for a course by manually entering a course name, or by scrolling allowing you to search for courses within a specific subject area. Once you have found the course that you would like to enroll in, click on the + icon located under the “add” column, and continue by clicking the “add” prompt on the next page to complete the course request. You should repeat this process listed above to request multiple courses.

    Step 5. Print Parent/Guardian Signature Form

    After submitting your course request(s), you should print the parent/guardian signature form, get it signed, and return it to your counselor so that he/she can approve your course request.

    Step 6. Submit the request to your Guidance Counselor

    Guidance Counselor approval is required prior to course enrollment.

    • Click here to print the step-by-step directions 

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