How to use Windows Skydrive

  • How to Use Windows SkyDrive

    1. Log on to

    2. Login using secured username and password

    3. The student outlook screen will automatically appear.

    4. Click on Office and choose Recent Documents. Sample Student Screen


    View Sample Student Screen of SkyDrive

    To create a new file:

    1. Open the folder where you will save the file.

    2. Click the New link in the folder menu.

    3. Select the file type. (Word, Excell, PowerPoint, or One Note)

    4. Name the presentation.

    5. Click the Create button. The Web App will open, and you can immediately begin adding information.

    6. The Web App saves changes automatically.


    Students are able to create new documents using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Note. Students can also upload documents to store or share with classmates. SkyDrive allows students to store up to 25GB of documents, pictures, and videos.

    1. Click a folder to open it.

    2. On the menu bar, click Add Files.

    3. The first time you do this, you see a link that says Install the upload tool. Click the link to activate the drag and drop capability.

    4. Open the folder on your hard drive that contains the files you want to upload.

    5. Drag the file you want into the area that says Drop the files here.

    6. To add more files, drag them to the area that says Drop files here and click Upload when you are done.

    7. Click Upload.


    Sharing Files- Click on Share to share files

    1. Click the shared file.

    2. A page will display with a file menu and information about the file.

    3. Click View to view the file.

    4. Click Edit to make changes right in your browser. Click Download to copy the file to your hard drive.


    Viewing: Private, Shared, or Public

    Each folder you add or create can have one of three permission types assigned to it. Private folders are seen only by the account holder; Shared folders can be viewed and/or edited by your network or individuals you select; and Public folders can be seen by everyone. When you initially create a new folder, you assign rights. Rights can changed by following these steps:

    1. Open the folder for which you want to change rights.

    2. Click More

    3. Select Edit permissions

    4. Check the appropriate boxes and/or enter the addresses for individuals you want to add.

    5. Click Save when you finish.