Virtual Course Request Agreement

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  • HCS Virtual Course Request Agreement

    (Required for all online initial credit and credit recovery courses)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Completed and signed agreement must be returned to the school guidance counselor prior to the approval of the student course request and must

    be retained in student file at the physical school.


    Student Name:                                                                                 Proposed Start Date:                  Expected End Date:                     Course(s) Requested:                                                                                                          Course Provider                                                                     

    Important: Online courses are available to all HCS students, but it is important for students as well as parents/guardians to have a clear understanding of what is involved in online instruction and what it takes to be successful in an online course. Students should be highly motivated, good readers, technology proficient, self-disciplined, and well-organized. Students and parents/guardians are advised to meet with school guidance counselors to discuss online learning expectations and requirements in-depth prior to course enrollment.


    STUDENT COMMITMENT - As a student enrolled in Horry County Virtual School you have made a strong commitment to perform in order to achieve academic success. Specifically, you are agreeing to the following.

    1. I will abide by the district’s most current Internet Safety and Acceptable Use Policy and the HCS Virtual Academic Integrity Policy. I completely understand that HCS Virtual expects a full commitment to HCS Virtual Academic Integrity Policy (outlined on page 2 of this agreement) and the appropriate internet use from each I further understand that if an instructor confirms that I have violated this Academic Integrity Policy, I will be subject to the consequences articulated in the policy, and may be removed from the course with a failing grade. The HCS Virtual Academic Integrity Policy is printed in its entirety on Page 2 of this agreement. Students should read carefully and retain for their reference.
    2. If my course has a pacing calendar, I will check the calendar at the start of each week to establish where I need to be by the end of a If my course is self-paced, I will abide by use time efficiently to complete the course no later than the established end date. I understand lessons must be completed and submitted at least weekly. I will complete all assignments according to established guidelines and dates. I understand falling behind pace and/or course inactivity for more than 7 days could lead to me be being administratively dropped from my course, possibly with a grade penalty and no opportunity for reenrollment.
    3. I will log-in, interact with the content, activities and assignments, and check email The length of time I may need to spend at each log-in will vary with what I need to accomplish on that day or session. I understand that it is much easier to "keep up" than to "make up" assignments.
    4. I understand that all lessons and exams must be completed by a specified date each semester for courses to be posted to my I understand that it is my responsibility to discuss this date with my school guidance counselor.
    5. I will check e-mail daily for correspondence regarding the course and contact my instructor immediately if I have
    6. I understand that the SC Uniform Grading Policy applies to all online
    7. I will make arrangements with my school to take the EOCE for courses as required by the South Carolina Department of The EOCE exam will count 20% of my final grade.
    8. I will make arrangements with my school to have my exams administered in a proctored


    PARENT COMMITMENT - By signing below you are giving your child permission to enroll in HCS Virtual. You are agreeing to the following:

    If my student will be accessing their online course outside of the traditional school day, I will ensure my student has access to the Internet either at home or through a public institution (i.e. school or public library).  I understand that hardware problems and/or computer virus problems are not    the responsibility of the school district.     I will ensure that the teacher is notified if a virus or other problem exists on the home computer.


    Student Signature                                                                                                    Date                                         Parent Signature           Date                                                                                                                          Counselor Signature                     Date    

    COURSE COMPLETION, GPA AND CLASS RANK - HCVS courses will be posted to transcripts and added to GPA / class rank calculations at the completion of the semester in which the course is completed. If students are granted an extension that extends past the end of the school year, the course will be added over the summer and will not be included in the student’s end of year GPA/class rank. This could affect scholarship eligibility and qualification.


    ADVISEMENT FOR STUDENT ATHLETES- The NCAA has very strict guidelines regarding credit for courses taken online.   Some online courses   may not be approved by the NCAA. Before enrolling in any online class, be sure to consult with your high school’s athletic director and your guidance counselor to determine if the online course that you are considering is approved for credit by the NCAA.


    Disclaimer: Horry County Schools shall not be responsible or liable, either directly or indirectly, for any error, damage or loss caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services available on or through external web sites or other networking options that are beyond the control of the District.    Horry County Schools is not responsible for the content found on these external web sites or for ongoing      review of other sites. The inclusion of any link to such sites does not imply endorsement by Horry County Schools. Should you or your child decide  to access linked third-party web sites through HCS curriculum, from home or from school, it is at one’s own   risk.





    HCS Virtual Academic Integrity Commitment

    (Students and parents should read carefully and retain for reference)


    The vision of Horry County Schools is to be a premier, world-class school system in which every student acquires an excellent education. Our schools will be welcoming centers organized around high-quality teaching and learning. To honor this vision and our commitment to excellence in education, Horry County Virtual School provides an online collaborative learning environment that promotes academic integrity. HCVS strives to maintain academic integrity in the online environment by ensuring all courses regularly include discussion-based assessments designed to verify the validity and authenticity of student work as well as require semester and final exams to be given in a secure and proctored setting. Our belief is that by fostering honesty and responsibility, we are empowering students to be good citizens and custodians of learning. The HCVS expectations below reflect this   commitment.


    Academic  Integrity Policy


    Prior to enrollment in any course offered through HCVS, students and parents/guardians are required to sign a commitment form indicating their understanding of academic integrity and the consequences of dishonesty.


    Students are expected to uphold the qualities of academic integrity by NOT engaging in any of the following unacceptable behaviors: cheating, fraud, or plagiarism. Below, you will find a list, although not all inclusive, of acts of cheating, fraud, or plagiarism.


    Students should NOT

    copy or use someone else’s work (to include images, words, and ideas) and pass it off as their own  use unauthorized study aids (cheat sheets, references, calculators, notes, other people, Internet, etc…) falsify information, including research or data

    commit forgery

    copy or apply patterns of language, structure, or ideas of another without internal and external citation or receipt of permission as appropriate

    Students SHOULD

    • complete their own original work using resources and references only as allowed and citing appropriately



    Consequences for Student Violations HCS Virtual Academic Integrity Policy


    If a student is determined to be in violation of the HCS Virtual Academic Integrity Policy, their actions will be dealt with as indicated in the chart below:


    Consequences of Academic Integrity Violation(s)


    1st offense


    2nd offense


    3rd offense

    Parent contact




    Student receives a grade of zero (“0”) on the assignment with no make-up  opportunity







    Mandatory review of academic integrity policy (video) by student





    Student removed from HCS Virtual course with a failing grade





    Student disqualification from academic honor societies





    Student prohibited from enrolling in future HCS Virtual courses









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