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  • The Accordion App

    Good for Frequently asked questions and pages that have more content than usual.

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  • The Blog App

    A blog is a good way to communicate with parents which could take the place of a school newsletter. A blog can act as a standing advertisement on your homepage and creates a record of events held at your school using tags which run down the right-hand side of the page.


  • Back to School Resources

    Posted by Missy Monolo on 7/23/2019

    HCS Back2School Resources

    back to school

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  • Fast facts about HCS

    Posted by Missy Monolo on 5/15/2018

    Did you know that HCS has over 30,000 students serving over 300,000 meals daily?


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  • End of the school year tips

    Posted by Missy Monolo on 5/15/2018

    Parents and students, be sure to pay your fines and download the all new hcs app!


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  • The Multimedia Gallery App


  • The Announcements App

    The announcements app can be used for time-sensitive content such as registration periods. The display duration allows the user to activate and inactivate content on a page which functions like the homepage image gallery.


  • The Embed Video App

    Allows users to embed videos directly from Youtube. Dimensions 800px wide x 450px tall


  • The Table App

    Use the table app to create tables of information without having to code. There are a variety of coloring formats available which can be applied using the options tab. The table app also adheres to all web accessibility standards.


  • The Directions App

    The directions app creates a dynamic way for users to get directions to your school using a direct integration with Google Maps.


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