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  • New website image gallery

    Images will remain the same size but the transparency caption is now at the bottom so you don't need to worry about layering images to fit (Left-Right) to fit properly in our current image gallery. Videos will also click on play. 
    See an example here.

  • Web site image gallery

  • Facts and Figures App

    The facts and figures app is a great way to advertise facts or other information about your school that you can customize by choosing a color and icon type. The system automatically generates the color blocks along with the width and height based upon the content in the block.

    In the below example, I have created a fact sheet about the benefits of attending the Scholar's Academy.

  • Fast Facts about the Scholars Academy 

  • 33 languages spoken
  • 500 students
  • 15:1 Student Teacher Ratio
  • 12 Time Academic Winners

  • Icons App

    The Icons App is a good way to advertise icon-based information such as sports schedules or a contact us page. The system allows you to choose the color and size of the icon from a predefined set of icons that already exist in the system. 

    In the below example I have built an icon row to advertise sports schedules at St. James High, and an example contact us page.

    St. James High Sports Schedules

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Running
  • Contact Us
  • Events
  • Follow Us
  • Get the app

    Tabbed Content App

    The tabbed content app is a great way to present information on a page that may involve steps such as registration for after school programs. 


    The Accordion App

    Good for Frequently asked questions and pages that have more content than usual.

  • Question 1

  • Question 2

  • Question 3

  • Figure app

    Allows you to place an image on a page with a caption below that you can align left, right, or center.

From left to right: Student from AAST, student from CHS.

  • The Multimedia Gallery App


  • The Announcements App

    The announcements app can be used for time-sensitive content such as registration periods. The display duration allows the user to activate and inactivate content on a page which functions like the homepage image gallery.


  • The Embed Video App

    Allows users to embed videos directly from Youtube. Dimensions 800px wide x 450px tall

Embed Video from Google Drive

Allows users to embed videos directly from Google Drive without having a youtube channel. Make sure the video is public on the HCS google drive and go to more actions (3 dots) embed the video.

View Example


  • The Table App

    Use the table app to create tables of information without having to code. There are a variety of coloring formats available which can be applied using the options tab. The table app also adheres to all web accessibility standards.


  • The Blog App

    A blog is a good way to communicate with parents which could take the place of a school newsletter. A blog can act as a standing advertisement on your homepage and creates a record of events held at your school using tags which run down the right-hand side of the page.


  • Back to School Resources

    Posted by Missy Monolo on 7/23/2019

    HCS Back2School Resources

    back to school

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  • Fast facts about HCS

    Posted by Missy Monolo on 5/15/2018

    Did you know that HCS has over 30,000 students serving over 300,000 meals daily?


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  • End of the school year tips

    Posted by Missy Monolo on 5/15/2018

    Parents and students, be sure to pay your fines and download the all new hcs app!


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  • The Directions App

    The directions app creates a dynamic way for users to get directions to your school using a direct integration with Google Maps.


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