• Information on our collection and the latest book awards and reviews

    Ocean Bay prides itself on a print collection that not only reflects up-to-date titles in line with the students' curriculum, but also the latest award winners for Middle School students and the titles most requested by our children.


    We don't just have books, we also house a collection of magazines and periodicals to spark the most reluctant reader, books on tape (or "Playaways") and almost 1,000 electronic books which the children can read on any device with an internet connection, both at school and at home.  This collection can be accessed through this link to GoFollett.  The ebook collection can also be accessed through our main Destiny page,  by clicking here, and which is a direct link to our entire collection.


    Once in the Destiny program, students can not only see what is available at our site but also at other sites around the district from which we can request titles through inter-library loan if those titles are not available at our school.


    They can also access Destiny Quest and Universal Search which will not only bring up titles in our library, but also web pages on their level that reflect the subject they have requested, WebPath Express (for research) and much more.


    We encourage students to use these resources at home and throughout the summer to keep reading when not in school.


    The latest award winners from the South Carolina Association of School Libraries are ordered each year to ensure students have the most up-to-date titles in quality literature.  A link to the award winners can be found here.