• Information on our curriculum and student instruction through the year

    Our Learning Commons conducts organized lessons for all Language Arts classes throughout the year.  These classes focus on digital citizenship, online safety, research skills, multimedia, copyright, plagiarism, citations and bibliographies, basic library skills and anything else specifically requested by the staff and students.  Our goal is to make our students proficient in the use of both print and on-line media, including books, websites, search engines and databases, while instilling in them an understanding of how to evaluate those websites and be discriminating in their selection of materials and information.


    Lessons are aligned with both ISTE and SC Standards. A link to the ISTE technology standards is here.


    Horry County Schools also provides instruction in digital citizenship and online safety.


    In addition to our organized instruction, we are here throughout the day for students and staff who need help or instruction in anything media-related.