•  Club  Date/Time  Place
     ACT/SAT tutoring   Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   By appointment 
    Anchor Club 1st Thursday each month, 3:20 pm C209
     Art Club Every other Thursday A200
     Beta Club  3rd Wednesday each month  
     FCA   Every Wednesday morning  7:45 AM
     HOSA  Every Wednesday  G3
     Ignite Club  Every other Thursday, 3:30 pm C116
     Interact Club  2nd and 4th Tuesday, 3:45 pm  mini auditorium
     Key Club  3rd Thursday, 3:45 pm  mini auditorium
     National Honor Society  1st Wednesday  M1 Spearman’s room
     National Math Honor Society  1st Wednesday, 3:30 pm  3b42azn (virtual)
     National Social Studies Honor Society  1st Tuesday, 3:45 pm  mini auditorium
     National Spanish Honor Society  2nd Tuesday, 3:30 A 209 - yx63wuw
     National Technical Honor Society  3rd Wednesday  Mini auditorium
     National Technical Society FBLA  2nd Thursday every month  
     Photo Club  Every other Thursday A201
     Student Council  1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month