Read to Succeed

  • Pre-enrollment and registration for R2S Fall 2021 Coursework has closed.

    Information for R2S Spring 2022 Coursework will be posted once it is available.

    Read to Succeed (R2S) Educator Coursework Information

    Any educator who holds a current professional SC Teaching Certificate is required to complete R2S coursework in order to renew that certificate. R2S courses only offer renewal credits. HCSD will sponsor online R2S courses through VirtualSC Professional Development for certified educators who hold a professional certificate and are employed in a full-time teaching position. Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, VirtualSC Professional Development no longer offers winter courses. Courses will be only be offered for spring, summer and fall sessions. Information regarding those courses will be updated here. Contact your building level certification specialists if you need more information regarding R2S Endorsements. Anyone who registers directly through VirtualSC Professional Development and not through the HCSD pre-enrollment process will be responsible for course payment. Once enrolled, participants who fail to successfully complete a course will be required to self-pay in order to retake that course.

    Important information regarding endorsements and timelines for completion can be found on the South Carolina SDE Website link below. Please review the information on the SDE website to make certain you enroll for the correct course(s) required for your area of certification. It is the responsibility of each educator to make certain you sign up for and take the correct course. Contact your building level certification specialist if you have questions regarding coursework or need assistance. 

    Pre-enrollment information for Fall 2021 will open in True North Logic on August 2nd at 8:00 am and close August 23rd at 5:00 pm. Educators will then receive a "Next Steps" email from HCSD to complete the registration process once the pre-enrollment period ends in TNLogic.  Course information will also be shared with principals, coaches and building level certification contacts. Fall 2021 courses are all online and will run from October 4th-November 21st.

     The following courses R2S Fall 2021 courses are offered: 

    30844 R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Administrators and Non-Instructional Staff

    30845 R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Career and Technology (CATE) Teachers

    30846 R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Early Childhood and Elementary Teachers

    30847 R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Fine Arts Teachers

    30848 R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Media Specialists

    30849 R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Middle and High School Teachers

    30850 R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for School Counselors, School Psychologists, and Speech-Language Pathologists

    30843 R2S: Assessment of Reading (Early Childhood, Elementary, SPED and ESOL)

    30851 R2S: Foundations of Reading (Early Childhood, Elementary, SPED and ESOL)

    30852 R2S: Instructional Practices (Early Childhood, Elementary, SPED and ESOL)

    30853 R2S: Instructional Practices Understanding Dyslexia and to Support Struggling Learners  (This course can be taken for the Instructional Practices credit. Do not take both Instructional Practices courses.

    If you are unable to find the information you need on the above link please contact Jeanna Allen.