Read to Succeed

  • Read to Succeed (R2S) Educator Coursework Information:

    Any educator who holds a current professional SC Teaching Certificate is required to complete R2S coursework in order to renew that certificate. R2S courses only offer renewal credits. HCS will sponsor online R2S courses through VirtualSC Professional Development for certified educators who hold a professional certificate and are employed in a full-time teaching position. 

    Courses will be offered for spring, summer and fall sessions. Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, VirtualSC Professional Development no longer offers winter courses. Information regarding those courses will be updated here. Anyone who registers directly through VirtualSC Professional Development and not through the HCSD pre-enrollment process will be responsible for course payment. Once enrolled, participants who fail to successfully complete a course will be required to self-pay in order to retake that course. Participants are only allowed to enroll for one course per session.

    Important information regarding endorsements and timelines for completion can be found on the South Carolina SDE Website link below. Please review the information on the SDE website to make certain you enroll for the correct course(s) required for your area of certification. It is the responsibility of each educator to make certain you sign up for and take the correct course. Contact your building level certification specialist if you have questions regarding coursework, more information regarding R2S Endorsements & any additional assistance.

    Important Note: The General Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 includes Proviso 1.105 which suspends the Read to Succeed endorsement requirement for some educators. 


    Sixth through twelfth grade teachers who are not teaching English Language Arts or special education, middle and high school administrators, and certified faculty and staff working outside the school setting may renew their certificate without earning the Read to Succeed endorsement for a certificate expiring on or before June 30, 2024.


    R2S Educator Endorsement Information

    The registration process for HCS R2S sponsored courses is a 2-step process:

    Step 1 – Pre-Enrollment: Register for a course/section through TNL to express interest in taking the course. Once this pre-registration period closes in TNL, registrants will receive a "Next Steps" email providing specific details to complete the process for enrollment in the course through Virtual SC.

    Step 2 – Enrollment: Complete the R2S course registration through Virtual SC with the emailed details.  

    Eligibility for enrollment will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants can only pre-enroll in one course per session. Course information will also be shared with principals, coaches and building-level certification contacts. 

  • Registration through TNL for SUMMER 2024 R2S courses begins April 8, 2024 and closes on April 24, 2024.



    Please click on R2S SUMMER 2024 for a list of courses.



  • R2S Summer 2024

  • If you are unable to find the information you need, please contact Jeanna Allen.




R2S Frequently Asked Questions

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