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    Recycle:  Recycling FMS Project  

    Summary- Our school is continuing to add to our recycling project after a successful start-up year. We will collect paper recycling twice per week and will collect other materials such as metals, plastics, cardboard, and miscellaneous recyclables once a week or as needed.

    Education Components- The science club will teach students, staff, and parents about the different resources that can be recycled through posters, announcements, social media, and simply by having the bins available with signs and posters to encourage recycling.

    Future Goals- We hope to continue to promote school wide and community recycling and to add to our recycling program each year raising recycling goals as well. This year our goal is to recycle at least 15,000 lbs of paper, metals, and plastics combined. We will raise that goal each year.


    student recycling


    Reduce:  Reduce the Use of Plastic Water Bottles Project

    Summary- Students will collect used plastic water bottles to learn how many bottles are regularly used as we recycle plastics. They will research water bottle refill stations and order one to have installed in our main office area to promote using refillable water bottles and reducing the use of plastic bottles.

    Education Components- Students will learn about how many plastic water bottles are used and the best ways to encourage reducing the use. They will promote using refillable water bottles through announcements, fliers, and our school email/newsletter.

    Future Goals- Our science club hopes that our water bottle refill station will be such a great success that we might get a station for each hallway and encourage other schools to invest in one as well.


    bottle refill station