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    Litter Prevention:  Litter-Free FMS

    Summary- Students will participate in twice monthly litter patrols of our school grounds. They will collect any litter and monitor areas with large amounts of debris. This will help to keep our school grounds clean and prevent pollution from getting into our water sources.

    Education Components- We will learn about the best ways to prevent litter and to promote clean school grounds.

    Students will encourage others to keep our school free of litter by having contests for litter collection days.

    Future Goals- Our science club hopes to promote schoolwide litter awareness and to participate in larger litter clean up days in the community, possibly to lead a larger community wide litter clean up.


    litter prevention


    Water- Local Storm Drain Marking & Water Monitoring at FMS Project

    Summary- Students will help CCU Environmental Education Interns mark local storm drains and will continue to monitor water sources on our school grounds to check for effects of pollution and to monitor the water quality.

    Education Components- We will learn how pollution and water run off effect water quality in our school grounds pond and swamp. Students will test our water sources monthly and record and post the data with the Waccamaw Riverkeeper Challenge.

    Future Goals- Our science club hopes to participate in local waterway and Riverkeeper Clean up days to put our water testing skills to use. We also hope to encourage other communities near our school to mark storm drains.


    storm drain marking