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    Habitat: SC Habitat Garden/Butterfly Waystation

    Summary- Students will create a garden containing South Carolina symbols such as the state bird, Carolina Wren, and the state flower, Yellow Jessamine and create a butterfly waystation garden filled with plants that attract, feed, and host butterflies. We will have our garden certified as a local butterfly waystation.

    Education Components- We will learn about the importance of creating a garden area that can provide food and shelter for butterflies as well as other wildlife. Students will learn what plants provide food for and host butterflies, and how to maintain a natural habitat to host native wildlife.

    Future Goals- Our science club hopes to continue to add to our garden each year to create a large outdoor science / nature center for students, staff, parents, and community members.



    Under-the-Soil Composting FMS

    Summary- Students will request a composting bin from Horry County Solid Waste Authority to add to our school garden area to begin a composting program. We will start small with one bin and adding yard waste, pencil shavings, and some food scraps to acquire fresh compost to add directly back into our garden area.

    Education Components- We will learn about the importance of composting and how restoring the soil will add nutrients to our garden plants. Students will learn the process of composting and teach others the importance of restoring soil through composting.

    Future Goals- Our science club hopes to expand our composting program and to hold teaching sessions for other students, parents, and community members to demonstrate the ease and importance of composting.


    Under-soil composting