• Distinguished Gentlemen

    Advisor: Gemayle Green

    Co-Advisor: Eugene Bellamy, Jr.

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     The Distinguished Gentlemen Initiative is a program that focuses on and fosters a holistic approach to becoming a well-rounded young man and gentleman. This initiative was designed to promote positive self-image, academic achievement to include the benefits of college, financial awareness, community uplift, and critical thinking skills by celebrating our strengths and acknowledging our weaknesses. The DG Initiative was originally created to help address and modify the needs of at-risk males. 


    Email Advisors:

    Mr. Green or Mr. Bellamy

  • Hats off to Loris High!

    Loris High School is the 1st high school chapter to be established within this organization.

    Currently, there are more than 100 young men in five chapters throughout the State of South Carolina.



  • 2017-18 Officers:

    Knowledge Haggans
    Vice President:
    DeMonte Wallace
    Historian/Community Relations Secretary:
    Armani Grate