Conserve: Reuse 2017-2019

  • Reuse     Kid Creations

  • What Students are Doing:

    Our second grade students are making new things out of recycled materials. The new things that are made can actually be used to make something else. The students may be as creative as they want, but the items used must be something that would otherwise have been thrown away.

    What Students are Learning:

    During this project, the second grade students will learn ways that old materials can be reused, as opposed to thrown away. A field trip to the Solid Waste Authority, where the students are shown what happens to things that are thrown away, proceeds this project.

    How Students will Teach Others:

    When the projects are completed, our younger students are invited to the classroom for a gallery work and a student-led speech, explaining how objects can be reused instead of thrown away. A few students are also selected to give a brief explanation describing what happens when things are thrown away and show examples of what can be done instead on our morning news.