Conserve: Green Purchasing 2017-2019

  • Dish Soap   Tea   Selling Booth   Produce Stand

  • What Students are Doing:

    When are gardens are ready to harvest, the students sort through and pick the produce to sell to the parents and community. The students are responsible for collecting, organizing, and counting the money. They make signs to advertise and decide what the proceeds can be used for.

    What Students are Learning:

    Our students are learning to be entrepreneurs.  They learn what is needed to successful raise proceeds and have to make decisions on what they money is used for. More importantly, the students are learning the art of growing food and eating a nutritious diet.

    How the Students Teach Others:

    During our produce stands, the students are given the opportunity to explain how the food is grown, how the food can be prepared, and why fresh produce is healthy for our bodies.