• Wash Bin Protect Water

  • What Students are Doing:

    Students research the effects that wasting water has on the planet. The students worked together with parents and teachers to build an outdoor wash bin. The wash bin allows for students to clean off the produce harvested from the garden, while the water run-off is collected in a 5 gallon bucket. The students observe how quickly the buckets fill. Once the bucket is filled, the students use this collected water to water our potted plants and flowers.

    What Students are Learning:

    Our students are learning about renewable and nonrenewable resources, how to save water and how our conservation efforts can help our planet.

    How the Students Teach Others:

    During our U-pick events, students clean the produce for the purchaser. The students explain how the water is conserved while demonstrating the bucket method. Our third grade students created a tutorial, discussing why water conservation is important.