Restore: Habitat 2015-2019

  • Garden 1

  • Garden 3

  • Garden 2

  • Garden 4

  • What Students are Doing:

    Every student in our school has helped to build our gardens. The students were responsible (with help from teachers and parents) for building the beds, filling the beds, planting, growing, and harvesting the plants. Students assist in selling the plants and are able to taste the plants. All students are involved in Outdoor Inquiry, where they are able to garden and learn about to plants.

    What Students are Learning:

    The students are able to observe and participate in the life cycle of a plant and learn that there are many necessary skills to obtain a healthy garden. The students learn the importance of healthy soil and how to help build it. They learn about beneficial and harmful garden insects. They are able to produce and eat healthy foods, while learning how these foods help our bodies to grow. There are endless learning opportunities through having a school garden.

    How Students Teach Others:

    Depending on each grade level’s content standards, all student learning depends on the success of another grade level’s projects. The healthy soil that the 3rd graders create, allow for the first grade’s seeds to grow. We are able to identify the plants through the labeling of our kindergarteners. While the second grade class help to bring in the pollinators, the 5th grade class helps to main the appropriate pH for the health of our plants. Thanks to the fourth graders, we learn how the water cycle affects the garden and we know when we need to intervene and water the plants ourselves. The students are continuously teaching and learning through one another.