• Dr. Janice Christy - Principal

    Greetings students! Welcome to a promising 2017-2018 school year. This year is about being GREAT - great as individuals, great as a community, and great as scholars! Our thoughts and deeds today lead us to become the people we are tomorrow; thus, we must choose to live each day with a purpose and a vision. In a few short years, each of you will be grown and on your own - set goals to help you reach your best life! Life is GREAT when you are living according to your purpose; school helps each of us figure out our purpose and school equips us to gain the skills or knowledge our purpose requires- but we have to work at school! We must apply ourselves to be kind to others, to learn to high levels, and to demonstrate our learning in a variety of ways. Young people, I believe in each one of you and the goodness - GREATNESS, you bring to our school and our community. I am looking to each of you to make Myrtle Beach Middle School the best it ever has been!


    Janice Christy


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