• Archery

    2017-18 FMS Archery Team- region winners

    The Forestbrook archery team has enjoyed many successful seasons since the program first began – placing first in our region for the past 4 years.

    Archers will have the opportunity to improve their skills, gain new friends and hopefully earn a chance to compete in the National Tournament that is hosted in Kentucky each year.



    Randy Clifton

    Gail Collins

    Meredith Moore

    Ashley Ogea



    Vanessa Alaimo

    Erin Carr

    Brayden Clardy

    Zachery Clifton

    Abby Davis

    Marlee DellaVecchia

    Samuel Dexter

    Ashley Farman

    Lyla Gordon

    Roberta Gould

    Briggs Graves

    Jacob Guess

    Peyton Hanna

    Jaydon Hartsog

    Brooke Helton

    Zade Hickman

    Kyla Knowlin

    Emma Ledsome

    Autumn Martin

    Justin Pergolizzi

    Savannah Rhine

    Ethan Steele

    Miley Watts

    Jacob Watts