• About STEM at AAST

    Our STEM program scaffolds 21st Century Skills throughout the student’s four year journey. The richness of interdisciplinary connections coupled with a real world atmosphere opens the door for students at AAST to become global citizens ready to contribute in a variety of capacities. Flexibility in scheduling, a variety of accelerated courses, faculty collaboration, and student choice allow students to direct their own dynamic STEM education. Examples of collaboration and flexibility are demonstrated through:

    • A piloted project based Physical Science curriculum introducing big ideas with overarching concepts used throughout the content and culminating in a student driven performance based product made with the scientific and engineering design processes.
    • Math classes which incorporate multidisciplinary problems on practice, formative, and summative assessments including real world algebraic shopping problems giving students a list of products, an amount of money, prices from various stores and asking students to determine how to shop to be able to attain the most product for their money. Pre-calculus and calculus problems incorporate physics fundamentals analyzing amusement park rides and other forces.
    • The HCS 1:1 digital initiative provides tools for curriculum engagement including digital research, interdisciplinary projects, virtual lab experiences, programs to aid in reteaching skills such as ALEKS (a math enhancement program), and digital portfolio production in a web based learning environment through Google Drive and Google Classroom.